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Break out the cranberry sauce: it’s almost time for Thanksgiving. Soon you’ll be forced to sit at a table with your family and have a conversation. How terrifying! My advice: skip all that and stream some movies. If your family complains, advise them to sit down and stream the movies along with you. It’s win-win! Also, bring beer.

You don’t have to force a conversation with movies; you just have to watch them. Isn’t that glorious? Of course, with the ever-growing list of streaming services out there, it can be hard to pick a specific film to watch for your own specific needs. But since I’m such a nice guy, and it is the season of giving, I went ahead and assembled a cornucopia of great films for you to stream in the next few days. There’s stuff(ing) here from David Lynch, Guillermo del Toro, Ryan Coogler, and more! We’ve got horror, family films, fantasy, romance, action – you name it! So get ready to binge on these films, but make sure you save room for leftovers. Here are the best movies streaming right now! So let’s get streaming.

1. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
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Before David Lynch returned to the town of Twin Peaks with the recent Showtime revival, he made the polarizing prequel film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. While the Twin Peaks series begins after the death of Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee), Fire Walk With Me goes back and focuses on the traumatic events that lead to her untimely demise. Like most Lynch properties, Fire Walk With Me won’t be for everyone. In fact, when the film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, the audience greeted it with boos and jeers. Since then, however, a reassessment has caused many to soften on the film and focus on its strengths. Among those strengths is Lee, who gives a devastating, emotionally wrought performance as the doomed Laura Palmer. Overall, this film is meditation on trauma and abuse; one that will leave you shaken to the core. Bonus: David Bowie shows up for one scene. Word of warning, though: if you’ve never seen a single episode of Twin Peaks, you probably don’t want to start here. 

For fans of: Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, screaming.

2. Pan’s Labyrinth
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Before you see Guillermo del Toro‘s latest cinematic joy The Shape of Water next month (and please go see it), take the time to revisit one of his finest films, Pan’s Labyrinth. Del Toro worked hard to get Pan’s Labyrinth made, even giving up his own salary, as he told The Guardian: “I gave back my entire salary in order to get the film made the way I wanted it. I probably should have abandoned it the moment the funding fell through the first time, but I stuck with it for almost two-and-a-half years and refused to back down. It’s the first time in the six movies I’ve directed where I’ve said: I’m doing this one my way, no matter what.” Here, del Toro weaves a fairy tale scenario agains the backdrop of 1944 post-Civil War Spain. Ivana Baquero is Ofelia, a young girl who begins a new life with her violent stepfather, a sadistic military man committed to squashing an uprising. An ancient maze near her new home leads her to an mystical, mythical world full of fauns, fairies and far nastier things. Part parable, part dream, Pan’s Labyrinth is both lovely and terrifying, full of breathtaking moments intermingled with bursts of disturbing brutality.

For fans of: The Devil’s BackboneThe Orphanage, endings that are somehow both depressing and beautiful.

3. The Fog
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John Carpenter followed Halloween with this slow-burn ghost story about the sins of a town’s past coming back to haunt them. An unearthly fog sweeps into the seaside town of Antonio Bay, bringing with it a horde of pirate ghosts hell-bent on vengeance. This isn’t the flashiest of Carpenter’s films, but it’s one of the most enjoyable, with an old-school charm that was already out-of-date when Carpenter released it in 1980. And like most Carpenter films, it has a killer score by Carpenter himself. The Fog was cursed with a shitty remake in 2005, one void of all of Carpenter’s charm and style. Avoid it at all costs, please. Of course, Carpenter had no real qualms about the remake. When IGN asked the filmmaker why anyone would remake The Fog, Carpenter replied: “Why not? If everybody else is making remakes and they want to pay me money to make a remake of an old movie of mine, why not?” Why not indeed.

For fans of: Prince of DarknessCreepshow, ghost stories told by campfires.

4. Picnic At Hanging Rock
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Peter Weir’s weird, eerie 1975 film Picnic At Hanging Rock turns a lazy summer picnic into an event of subtle terror. During the picnic, a teacher and a handful of students from an all girls’ school vanish, seemingly into thin air. There’s no explanation, no clues, and no answer to the mystery to be found. Instead, the remaining students and faculty of the staff find themselves perplexed and haunted, unable to make sense of it all. This is a haunting film; one that lingers with you long after you’ve seen it. There’s a TV miniseries remake on the horizon, and I am positive it won’t even come close to capturing the atmosphere of this film. As a bonus, since this is part of the Criterion Channel on FilmStruck, it comes with the features included on the Criterion Collection release, including an interview with director Peter Weir and two different documentaries about the making of the film.

For fans of: The Blair Witch ProjectThe Virgin SuicidesThe Blackcoat’s Daughter, quiet disturbances.

5. Creed
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After Sylvester Stallone restored some dignity to the Rocky franchise with Rocky Balboa, we really didn’t need any more Rocky films to muck it up. And thankfully, we didn’t get one. Instead, we got Ryan Coogler‘s fantastic Creed, which uses the Rocky mythology and forges its own unique destiny. Michael B. Jordan is dynamite as the son of former Rocky nemesis-turned-friend Apollo Creed. Jordan tracks down his father’s old buddy with the hopes of learning how to become a better boxer. What follows is a lightning-charged, emotional journey with Stallone giving pretty much the best performance of his career. But he’s not alone: everyone is great here, from Jordan to Tessa Thompson, playing a Philly local who catches Jordan’s eye. I distinctly remember seeing Creed in theaters Thanksgiving weekend of 2015, and I remember the rush I felt when the familiar Rocky theme finally kicked-in during a big climactic scene. It was the type of stand-up-and-cheer moment that makes movies special.

For fans of: RockyFruitvale Station, Tessa Thompson saying “Jawn.”

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