6. The Machinist
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If you prefer your horror to be of the slow-burn variety, check out The Machinist, a moody guilt trip from Session 9 director Brad Anderson. This is the film that made Christian Bale lose a staggering amount of weight, resulting in an almost skeleton appearance. Bale is a loner suffering from insomnia slowly descending into paranoia as bad things seem to keep happening around him. This is an unnerving, creepy film, with Bale giving one of the best performances of his career. Be warned, though: if you’re looking for something quick paced with a lot of jump scares, this ain’t your film.

For fans of: Session 9, Memento, Insomnia, Christian Bale’s ribcage.

7. Inferno
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Suspiria may be one of Dario Argento’s more renowned movies, but I actually prefer it’s sort-of sequel, Inferno, more. Centered around an apartment building that may be a gateway to hell, Inferno is one of the most gorgeous looking horror movies ever made, rich in vibrant, stunning colors that will take your breath away. I fully contend that not everything here makes a lot of sense, but it almost doesn’t matter. It’s like a dream in that regard – things are extremely vivid yet don’t make a lick of sense. All that matters, though, is that you go along for the ride. Haunting and strange, Inferno is a horror movie that lingers in your memory long after you’ve seen it.

For fans of: Suspiria, Deep Red, Rosemary’s Baby, the colors red and blue.

8. The Last Winter
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Indie horror legend Larry Fessenden helms this environmental horror flick which finds a team of oil workers (including Ron Perlman, James LeGros and Connie Britton) secluded in the Arctic suddenly dealing with potentially supernatural forces. Some may find the premise here to be a bit heavy-handed, but I think it works., At the very least, Fessenden has a knack for portraying surreal, unnerving situations that go off into directions you wouldn’t expect. Think of The Last Winter as a global warming horror movie, but a very low-key one (in other words, this isn’t Geostorm). Eerie and sometimes impenetrable, The Last Winter contains some genuinely scary moments that will work their way under your skin.

For fans of: The Birds, The Thing, 30 Days of Night, Ron Perlman yelling at people.

9. The Disappearance of Alice Creed
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If you need a break from straight-up horror but still want something disturbing, you can’t go wrong with this underseen 2009 British thriller from director J Blakeson. Gemma Arterton is the daughter of a very wealthy man who finds herself kidnapped and held for ransom by two seemingly well-prepared men (Martin Compston and Eddie Marsan). What seems like a typical kidnapping drama becomes much, much more, as Blakeson’s script reveals one shocking twist after another. Just when you think you have this film figured out, a brand new twist presents itself and pulls the rug out from under you. The Disappearance of Alice Creed is meticulously crafted and often incredibly intense, with three great performances. Why this film wasn’t more of a hit, I’ll never know.

For fans of: Prisoners, Byzantium, Dead Man’s Shoes, gorgeous and sad violin soundtracks.  

10. Long Shot
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Long Shot is not a horror movie. In fact, it’s a documentary, and a short one at that – only 40 minutes. But there’s a truly scary premise at its heart: what if you found yourself arrested for a murder you didn’t commit, with almost all the cards are stacked against you? That’s exactly what happened to Juan Catalan, who found himself facing trial for the murder of a teenage girl. There was almost nothing that could exonerate Catalan, until the most unlikeliest of alibis presented itself: a taping of the HBO series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Long Shot breezes by, to the point where you’ll find yourself wishing it was longer. This may seem like another Netflix true crime doc like Making A Murderer, but the story is more uplifting than that, with some genuinely emotional moments. On top of all that, an appearance from Curb star Larry David makes the entire film surreal.

For fans of: Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Jinx, Larry David telling stories.

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