The Mask of Zorro

In this edition of TV Bits:

  • A female-fronted Zorro series is in the works
  • Superstore is ending with season 6…
  • …but a Superstore spin-off is in development
  • An iCarly revival is on the way
  • Watch the trailer for Dickinson season 2
  • The Morning Show has added another new cast member
  • And more!

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zorro reboot cast

Zorro may have finally met his match.

Jonás Cuarón’s Zorro reboot cast has added Flashpoint and Dope actress Kiersey Clemons. Clemons will play the female lead in Z, the near-future reimagining of the classic swashbuckler.

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Gael Garcia Bernal in Mozart in the Jungle

The new Zorro has a new Zorro. Gael García Bernal has been cast as the legendary swashbuckler in Z, a futuristic reboot to be directed by García Bernal’s Desierto director Jonás Cuarón. (Because they don’t have Rs or Os in the future, I guess?) García Bernal was previously attached to an earlier iteration of this project which was in development several years ago.  Read More »

jonas cuaron zorro movie

It’s been a decade since The Legend of Zorro came and went, ending Antonio Banderas’ run as the famed masked hero. Since then, reports of a new movie starring the iconic swordsman have arrived like clockwork, only for the actual film to fail to materialize. Remember when Gael Garcia Bernal was supposed to play Zorro in a futuristic riff on the character called Zorro Reborn that would have taken place in the post-apocalypse? Meanwhile, a completely different Zorro movie has been in development at Sony for a few years now.

Now, word has come down that Jonas Cuarón, the co-writer of Gravity and the director of the upcoming Desierto, has been been tasked with resurrecting that futuristic Zorro tale with Z, which is one of those weird titles that seems oddly embarrassed of the character it’s representing. Just call it Zorro, guys.

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Antonio Banderas in Mask of Zorro

Given the pace at which old properties are being revived these days, the only surprising thing about Sony’s planned Zorro reboot is that it’s taking them this long. But it’s better late than never, and now the project is gaining some serious steam.

The studio has just signed playwright and screenwriter Chris Boal to pen the script. The new movie is described as being in the vein of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, because of course it is. More details after the jump.

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Domain registration is such a wonderful source of information. Titles of films are revealed months ahead of schedule because studios need to make sure they own the URL’s for their upcoming films and all the information is out there for the taking. In the last week alone, we’ve gotten hints at the titles of the new James Bond film as well as a possible Doctor Strange movie because Sony and Disney were caught registering a bunch of domains.

Sony’s at it again, registering over twenty Zorro themed URL’s presumably in anticipation of their recently announced origin story, an adaptation of the 2005 novel Zorro by Isabel Allende with a screenplay Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia. If the URL’s are true, the studio is deciding between different iterations of three different titles: The Forging of Zorro, Zorro Begins or Zorro: The Legend Begins. Read more after the jump. Read More »

After two movies, Antonio Banderas can hang up his mask. Sony has just hired writers Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia to write an origin story reboot of Zorro based on a 2005 book by Isabel Allende. Blending fiction with actual historical events, the novel is written as a mock-biography telling how a young man raised in California moves to Spain and becomes the famous masked bandit. And though it seems like a pretty obvious take on the material, Zorro has never really had a true origin and at least it’s better than the “Zorro in the future” rumor that was floated earlier this year. There’s more after the jump. Read More »

Zorro Heading to the Future in ‘Zorro Reborn’

Zorro has been making appearances in film for almost 100 years, but the most recent incarnation of the character played against tradition, with Anthony Hopkins playing an aged Don Diego de la Vega handing off the mask to a misfit outlaw played by Antonio Banderas. That was of course The Mask of Zorro, directed by Martin Campbell, who later followed up that film with the more family friendly The Legend of Zorro. The first film was moderately successful — enough, anyway, to get a sequel greenlit — but its follow-up barely even registered, either at the box office or with critics. At the time, it seemed like the character would be retired from movies, at least until a studio ran out of ideas and figured out a way to bring him back.

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