You might not recognize the name Zack Hemsey, but you’ve certainly heard his music. Hemsey is the 27-year-old composer who created the song “Mind Heist”, which was used in the third trailer for Christopher Nolan‘s Inception. You can hear it here. I was just commenting yesterday on Twitter about how influential the Inception trailer score has been on the marketing of movies. So many of the film trailers and tv spots these days feature variations of that epic bassy blast popularized by Inception.

It should be noted that Mike Zarin scored the first Inception trailer (listen here), and is the composer responsible for the now infamous “BRRRRRRRAAAAAWWWWRWRRRMRMRMMRMRMMMMM!!!” which not only the other Inception trailers built upon, but went on to influence Hans Zimmer’s approach for score for the film. But Zack Hemsey’s “Mind Heist” theme from the third trailer is more fleshed out, longer, and is more remembered (and downloaded).

Our friends at the SoundWorks Collection have created a video profile of Hemsey, who has composed music for the movie trailers of Inception, Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, Ben Affleck’s The Town and more — all created using Logic on his computer in upstate New York. Watch the video embedded after the jump.

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‘Ghostbusters’ Gets ‘Inception’ Soundtrack

YouTube user Rothejfunk decided to create a modern-style trailer for Ivan Reitman‘s classic sci-fi comedy Ghostbusters. The trailer uses Zack Hemsey‘s “Mind Heist” score from the trailer for Christopher Nolan‘s Inception… And why not? It seems like every other Hollywood action movie is trying to copy this piece of music for their trailer releases (see Thor). The trailer re-edit is so good that Gizmodo speculates that “maybe we need Christopher Nolan to reboot Ghostbusters?” Watch the trailer embedded after the jump.
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Trent Reznor may have disbanded the touring version of Nine Inch Nails, but he recently said the project is not dead. And now, just as his new band How to Destroy Angels prepares to release its first material, there is a new track that is being labeled as by Nine Inch Nails. Even better, it is the scratchy, unusual end credits music for Shinya Tsukamoto‘s film Tetsuo: The Bullet Man.

There’s something all too appropriate about this, as early Nine Inch Nails videos owed a lot to Tsukamoto’s film Tetsuo: The Iron Man. It always seemed as if he and Reznor should be collaborating all the time. Now they have, and you can hear Reznor’s full track, the appropriately titled ‘Theme for Tetsuo: The Bullet Man.’ [Some Kind of Awesome, via Vulture]

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