Need help puzzling out that headline? Here you go: Yolki, aka Six Degrees of Celebration, is a Russian film that is about “eight different Russians – from eight different time zones – and how their destinies intersect one New Years Eve.”(Ok, so maybe it isn’t quite the Russian version of New Year’s Eve, if only because it doesn’t have Bon Jovi and Robert De Niro, but close enough, I think.)

The original film was co-directed by Timur Bekmambetov, better known in the US for his Night Watch films, as well as Wanted and the upcoming Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He was also one of the directors who contributed to the sequel, Yolki 2, which just opened in Russia last weekend.

Now a Chinese remake of Yolki is brewing, with a plan to center the story around the Chinese New Year. Bekmambetov will direct part of that, too. Read More »