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The MovieWounds

Where You Can Stream It: Hulu

The Pitch: Armie Hammer is an underachieving New Orleans bartender who finds an abandoned phone in the aftermath of a barroom brawl. His curiosity gets the better of him, he manages to get access to the images stored on it, and…well, that turns out to be a major mistake since it invites him into a world of horror that proves increasingly impossible to define. The more he realizes he’s in danger, the less he understands what’s happening to him. It’s a terrifying film. And it doesn’t care about supplying you with a single damn answer.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: H.P Lovecraft has become a catchphrase, a word we throw around to refer to slimy tentacled monsters from beyond the cosmos. But if you return to Lovecraft’s (admittedly dated and often socially reprehensible!) original work, you find a vital cornerstone of classic “weird fiction.” Lovecraft (and Arthur Machen and Robert Bloch and everyone else in that extended family) didn’t write tales of terror about slimy tentacled monsters from beyond the cosmos – they wrote stories about the sheer terror of learning you shared an existence with slimy tentacled monsters from beyond the cosmos. While Wounds is not based on an old weird tale, it is based on a Nathan Ballingrud novella that owes its structure to the classics. Wounds is about the horror of knowing too much and being powerless to do anything about it.

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Best Movies Streaming Right Now Wounds

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In the mood to watch something this weekend? Good, because I spent hours putting together some recommendations, and I was worried they were all going to spoil I was going to have to throw them in the trash. Lucky for me you came along, stranger! These are the best movies streaming right now. Let’s get streaming!

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Wounds trailer

When New Orleans bartender Will (Armie Hammer) picks up a cell phone after some kids leave it in his bar, he innocently answers a few messages – only to discover some truly shocking images on it. Those images begin to take root inside him, and as the new movie Wounds unfolds, Will and his girlfriend (Dakota Johnson) – who also makes the mistake of looking at the violent imagery – get progressively sweatier and much more disturbed. Check out the Wounds trailer below. Read More »

Wounds review

A sweat-drenched, hypnotizing descent into horror, Babak Anvari’s Wounds is full of contradictions. It’s the type of movie that regularly swings from tense to laughable, from serious to ludicrous, from spine-tingling to eye-rolling. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thoroughly entertained as I watched Armie Hammer and Dakota Johnson go off the deep end after discovering a cursed cell phone. Read More »