Eva Green sure likes her dramas to come at you slanted and askance. Already on her slate are Franklyn – featuring alternative world sci-fi and a masked freedom fighter taking on multi-theistic fascism; and Cracks – a female swim-team spin on Lord of the Flies with a dash of cross-generational Lesbianism. The latest addition is Benedek Fliegraf’s Womb, seemingly every bit as off the boring old beige wall.

According to Variety, Green is to take the female lead alongside Matt Smith, already best known as the upcoming eleventh incarnation of Dr. Who before he’s filmed a single shot as a Timelord. Their synopsis tells us that the film “tells the story of a grieving widow, played by Green, who decides to clone her late husband”. Last year, when the funding was initially assembled, they said it is “a story about the efforts to overcome death by genetic manipulation”.

Sounds like Birth or Ps., though of course they didn’t feature any cloning.

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