Wolverine The Lost Trail trailer

In a cramped, soundproofed room, Richard Armitage is ordering a drink. Or rather, he’s ordering a drink as Logan, aka Wolverine, the lead character in the upcoming Marvel and Stitcher podcast drama, Wolverine: The Lost Trail. Standing around a cheap IKEA table and clinking glasses full of water, Armitage and co-star Rodney Henry, who plays a young teen named Marcus Baptiste from New Orleans, read from the scripts on the iPads they have in hand, as if rehearsing for a stage play. Except they do two takes. Then another. Then another. This is no rehearsal, this is the real thing and it’s all being captured on a special ambisonic microphone for the second season of the unique Marvel audio drama podcast following the adventures of Wolverine as he searches for his memory and his lost love.

The follow-up to last year’s iHeartRadio Award-winning original podcast series Wolverine: The Long NightThe Lost Trail is an anomaly of a podcast, fictional or otherwise. Scripted in the style of an old-school radio play but with modern innovations like atmospheric foley effects and cutting edge audio technology, The Lost Trail is part of Marvel’s pioneering of the last frontier that it hasn’t yet dominated: podcasts.

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wolverine the long night

The town of Burns, Alaska has been rocked by a series of gruesome murders. The bodies have been sliced and dismembered, and a pair of police detectives are at a loss on how to find the killer. But earlier, residents had spotted a short, hairy man near the docks.

Marvel has entered the podcast game with their first scripted podcast, Wolverine: The Long Night, a “true crime” podcast in the vein of Serial and S-Town with a dash of the experimental thriller Homecoming. And you can listen to the first episode now.

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Wolverine podcast

Marvel Entertainment already has a slate of podcasts to its name, but with crime podcasts like Serial and S-Town making a big splash in that medium, the company is dipping its toes into their first-ever scripted podcast, and it’s centered on one of their most popular comic book characters.

In 2018, Marvel is launching a Wolverine podcast called Wolverine: The Long Night, which stars The Hobbit‘s Richard Armitage as the voice of Logan. And this might be the start of a whole new continuity known as the MPU: the Marvel Podcast Universe. Read all about the new show below.
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