wolfman reboot

After bumbling and stumbling with The Mummy, Universal seems to finally be back on their feet when it comes to reviving their classic monsters. They had big success with Leigh Whannell’s Invisible Man, and already have several other monster-themed projects in the works. Now a new beastie has joined the lineup: Wolfman. Ryan Gosling is set to play the lycanthrope, and Universal is said to be closing in on a director.

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UPDATE: There is NOT Another Editor on Wolfman

[Update: Universal has contacted us to confirm that there are no two competing cuts of Wolfman. According to the film’s producer, “The movie’s been done for a while. We finished the cut, and obviously we are now mixing and scoring and putting in our final effects right now, but the movie’s been finished. The concept of having two competing cuts and the studio having their own editing room and all that simply not true.” AICN has more details as well. The original article follows.]

There’s not long now to make any alterations, and even less time to test screen them, but The Playlist are reporting that yet another editor has been brought on to recut The Wolfman, street date February 12th. According to them, Walter Murch and Mark Goldblatt are done with their work on the picture and currently, two edit bays are lit up with director Joe Johnston in one and Universal production president Donna Langely and an un-named editor grinding away in the other. Who is this mystery cutter?

Troma might have the zombie chickens but it sounds like Universal have the lycanthropic turkey. Need I remind you that once upon a time Mark Romanek was going to direct this film? What a loss.

Top Class Editors Called In To Rework The Wolfman

You may not immediately jump to this same conclusion, but I think there’s finally some good news to share about Joe Johnston‘s The Wolfman. Having said that, this is a film I’ve been feeling really quite down on since original director Mark Romanek left the project and, to be honest, I don’t think anything we could end up with now will be even a mere shade of what Romanek could have realised.

The lastest turnover on the production is the hiring of two new editors, in the stead of the previously attached Dennis Virkler – though at least Virkler got to add the film to his stunning resume of crowd displeasers, alongside Xanadu, Freejack, the Schumacher Batman films and other such gems. The production really couldn’t have called on a pair of more impressive names to save the day, however, with action expert Mark Goldblatt and all-round Edit Bay Yoda Walter Murch getting the nod.

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The Wolfman Is Getting A New Action Scene


A new action scene is being prepared for Joe Johnston‘s Wolfman, and according to Dark Horizons reader Glenn, the legendary second unit director and stuntman Vic Armstrong is involved. Those reshoot alarm bells might be ringing, but at least we’ve got a true pro like Armstrong in control.

Armstrong was appearing as a guest at the BFI Southbank’s James Bond marathon last weekend when he let slip some details on the sequence. There’s enough information to suggest this is spoiler material – indeed, it might contain a serious reveal – so do feel warned before leaping over the break.

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