Wolf Creek 2 trailer

Go back the the Outback, with that nice man Mick Taylor (played by John Jarratt) is ready to be your guide. A guide to Hell, at least. Jarratt returns in Wolf Creek 2, where he once again plays one messed-up son of a bitch — and this time writer/director Greg McLean has seemingly intensified Mick’s anti-social personality. Check out this new Wolf Creek 2 trailer, and see how the guy makes life — or ends it, rather — for a new group of characters. Read More »


I was surprised to see Wolf Creek 2 on the schedule for the Venice Film Festival last month, and more surprised to see it get pretty enthusiastic reviews at the fest. Probably shouldn’t have been; here writer/director Greg McLean returns to the scenario he crafted for the original film — a cannibalistic psycho menaces wanderers in the Australian outback — but with a slightly tweaked emphasis.

The idea is one introduced in the original, where John Jarratt‘s brutal killer Mick Taylor was on the verge of becoming a larger than life anti-hero for the super-right-wing set. He’s not just chasing down “invaders” of his territory; he’s doing so because they are “foreign vermin.” This time, McLean seems to be pushing that angle even to an even greater degree. (There’s also more of a “road movie” approach to this story, which could be great.)

And, if nothing else, the outback is a hell of a place in which to shoot a horror picture. Check out the trailer below. Read More »