Wild Cards TV Series

Over two years ago, a multi-series adaptation of George R.R. Martin‘s expansive Wild Cards book series was picked up by Hulu. The intention was to create an entire universe of shows based on the anthologies, mosaic novels, and stand-alone stories about various superheroes and villains, all written by a variety of authors and overseen by Martin. But now the series has hit a bit of a snag in development.

Wild Cards is shifting from Hulu to Peacock after a change in leadership at the Disney-owned streaming service, which has also prompted writer Andrew Miller to move on from the project. Read More »

wild cards tv series

As Game of Thrones winds down to its final season, other networks and streaming services are eagerly jumping at the chance to build their own George R.R. Martin universe. Next in line is Hulu, which is set to develop not one, but two Wild Cards shows, based on the sci-fi series written by multiple authors and edited by Martin.

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Another George R.R. Martin TV Series Is in the Works

Wild Cards

HBO recently confirmed that Game of Thrones has just two seasons left to go, but if it’s any comfort, fans of George R.R. Martin can look forward to seeing more of his stories on the small screen. The author has announced that his long-running anthology series Wild Cards is now in development for television, with Star Trek: The Next Generation writer/producer Melinda M. Snodgrass and RED producer Gregory Noveck. Read More »

Universal and the SyFy Channel have partnered on a feature film venture called Syfy Films, and the company has just picked up rights to the long-running superhero anthology Wild Cards.

Superhero developments are a dime a dozen these days, but this one might have a better chance than most, because it bears the name of A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin. The recent publication of the latest book in Martin’s fantasy epic, combined with the fandom for HBO’s series based on the novels, means Martin’s popularity is at an all-time high. So the purchase of Wild Cards was probably inevitable. But the series is truly epic, with many characters whose histories span a quarter-century. So what happens next? Read More »