James Mangold’s Wichita Gets a New Title


Whenever I go to screenings at the Boston Commons AMC theater, typically my post-screening ritual is to walk a couple of blocks to Boston’s version of Chinatown and dine at one of their fine hole-in-the-wall establishments. On one of these occasions, I happened to strike up a conversation with an older gentleman sitting across from me and I quickly discovered that not only was he a cinematographer, but he had worked on some of the most financially and critically successful films of the past few decades. He was currently in Boston to do some shooting on James Mangold‘s new action comedy, then known as Wichita, starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Of course, when I tried to tell people that I had met the cinematographer from Wichita, most of them responded by giving me a bizarre look and asking, “What movie?” I don’t think the working title Wichita has ever been a strong suit for the film, which has Cameron Diaz playing an “upbeat Midwestern woman who goes on a blind date with a man (Cruise) who turns out to be a federal agent. She gets pulled into a violent worldwide journey to protect a powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite power source.” Small wonder, then, that we’ve received word the movie will be getting a new title. Hit the jump to see what it is, and let us know what you think in the comments.
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Paul Dano Joins James Mangold’s Wichita Project


James Mangold is shooting his ‘untitled Wichita project’ in and around Boston right now with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz starring as a couple who are brought together on a blind date and then launched into one of those big action-packed conspiracy thriller sort of scenarios that never seems to happen to me. Oh, and now Paul Dano is in the cast, too. Read More »


For those who’ve wondered what happened to Page 2, it isn’t gone. The last couple weeks have just been so slow that there isn’t enough to fill up a Page 2 post. (It’s the end of the summer; expect news to pick up in a couple weeks as the festival season kicks in.) So in the meantime enjoy these casting notes roundups. Today we’ve got news of Robin Williams and Maggie Grace joining new projects, after the break. Read More »


Update: Tom Cruise was being courted for at least six different big Hollywood projects. Out of all the possible projects, the star has chosen the least interesting one. Cruise is in talks to join Cameron Diaz in the 20th Century Fox action-comedy Wichita. Cruise will play an undercover agent who pops in and out of the life of a woman (Diaz) who has man trouble. Cruise and Diaz have approved the script, which most recently was worked on by Scott Frank (The Lookout) and Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island). Directed by Walk the Line/3:10 to Yuma helmer James Mangold, Fox hopes to have the film in theaters for a Summer 2010 release.
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Tom Cruise’s Fantastic Options


Variety have published a very exciting list of every film that could, potentially, become the next film for Tom Cruise – as well as a list of the various writers and directors working on them. The focus is on the writers, as the umbrella notion here is that Cruise is calling for lotsa costly rewrites from script doctors. Curiously enough, it is later made clear in the piece that some of these writers aren’t doctoring as much as coming on to the projects as full-on writers.

The full list follows, but sadly it doesn’t contain two interesting prospects: Susanne Bier‘s Lost For Words and Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck‘s The 28th Amendment. Hopefully they’ll still go ahead with a different lead, or be resurrected once Cruise has cleared his plate a little.

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