Who You Gonna Call? - Ray Parker Jr. Interview

Ray Parker Jr. is best known as the singer and songwriter of the Ghostbusters theme song, but the musician has an entire career outside of the supernatural comedy. A new documentary titled Who You Gonna Call? is premiering at the Zurich Film Festival later this month, and in addition to spotlighting his work on Ghostbusters, it dives into the life and career of Ray Parker Jr., including his time spent growing up in Detroit and early years in music when he cut his teeth working with Stevie Wonder.

In conjunction with the film’s forthcoming debut, I was able to chat with Ray Parker Jr. to look back on the legacy of his key contribution to Ghostbusters, including a certain Academy Awards performance from 1985, the groundbreaking music video, previous versions of the theme song that never came to light, and plenty more about the beloved theme. In the full interview below, you can also find out why he turned down the chance to write the theme for Spaceballs and more. Read More »