In this edition of Sequel Bits:

  • Sam Raimi says he’s constantly thinking about his unmade Spider-Man 4.
  • In honor of Stranger Things 3, let’s reminisce about New Coke.
  • The Enchanted sequel might finally be happening.
  • The Mask creator has an idea for a reboot with a female lead.
  • Hey, are you in the mood for a White Chicks sequel?

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Before Liz Lemon and Peggy Olson struggled with single life in the big city, two strong, unrelated, independent women named Wanda Wayne and Sheneneh Jenkins ruled the cable airwaves (and the crack game). And I’m not sure what zillionth worm hole Richard Kelly opened up last weekend with The Box, but apparently these characters are making a fast-tracked comeback, and in movie theaters nationwide no less.

In case you missed a recent BET Awards, Martin Lawrence and Jamie Foxx reprised Sheneneh and Wanda—’90s characters that originally appeared on Martin and In Living Color, respectively—to create a trailer for a mock action comedy called Skank Robbers. Response was so positive and loud that Screen Gems and the actors are now making it a reality. The title stays! “Oh no youuu dinnnnit!” The Tyler Perry-skewering trailer and clips and info await.
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