Where to Invade Next R-rating

It’s fair to say most of us snuck into R-rated movies before we reached the magical age of 17. It’s easy to do, and you’d almost have to go out of your way to get caught, unless you went to a really strict movie theater. While plenty of kids and teens snuck in to see Deadpool this weekend, there’s another movie in theaters right now that a certain director thinks they should attend next.

Below, Michael Moore (Sicko) explains how anyone under the age of 17 can see his new documentary Where to Invade Next.

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Where to Invade Next Release Date

Clarification: The film will still be released on December 23rd 2015 in New York City & Los Angeles. Filmmaker Michael Moore e-mailed us to explain why the move was made:

“Is there any way to clear up in the headline and the lead that the open is still Dec 23 in NY & LA? I asked the distributor to give me more time to go out and do a hundred free screenings across the country before they opened it wide — and because they really hadn’t locked in solid Jan 15 as the wide date they were cool doing on Feb 12. It’s not uncommon for films to open in Dec for an Oscar qualifying run and then go wide in Jan, Feb or even the week after the Oscars. Hope I’m not splitting hairs. Love your site. Hope to talk again soon.”

The original story follows:

Not too long ago, we saw the first trailer for Michael Moore‘s Toronto International Film Festival selected documentary, Where to Invade Next. The film was is set for an Oscar qualifying release on December 23rd, and but would have opened in theaters everywhere on January 15th. But now the wide release has been pushed back a month to allow Moore to go on a nationwide bus tour which will see him debuting the film in every single state. Get the details below! Read More »

Where to Invade Next trailer

Michael Moore‘s first film in six years comes out this month. The documentarian’s last two features, Capitalism: A Love Story and Sicko, didn’t leave as much of an impression as Fahrenheit: 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine did. Will Where to Invade Next be Moore’s next film to strike a chord with the American public?

After the jump, watch the Where to Invade Next trailer.

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where to invade next rating

Filmmaker Michael Moore wasn’t happy when his newest film, Where to Invade Next, was branded with an R rating. The MPAA was unfair to Moore’s latest, and after attempt to appeal the rating, his request for a PG-13 has been denied.

Learn more about the Where to Invade Next rating after the jump.

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Where to Invade Next R-rating

Michael Moore (Bowling for Columbine) is not happy with the MPAA. The filmmaker’s first film in over six years, Where to Invade Next, has been branded with an R rating from the ratings board. The MPAA has never been the biggest fan of logic, and, like plenty of other filmmakers have in the past, Moore is taking them to task for it.

Learn more after the jump.

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where to invade next early buzz

It’s been six years since Michael Moore put out a new documentary, and longer than that since he reached the height of his power with Fahrenheit 9/11 and Bowling for Columbine. But he’s back on screen now with Where to Invade Next, which appears to be a surprisingly sunny look at social programs and policies in other countries. The film had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival this week, and the first reactions have started rolling in. Get the Where to Invade Next early buzz after the jump. Read More »

Michael Moore's Where to Invade Next

As teased earlier this summer, Michael Moore is back this fall with Where to Go Next, his first documentary since 2009’s Capitalism: A Love Story. Based on that title, you might assume, quite reasonably, that the film is about America’s neverending cycle of war. Instead, Moore travels the globe to consider how the American Dream could be improved by implementing successful policies from abroad. Watch the Where to Invade Next teaser after the jump. Read More »

Michael Moore in Capitalism: A Love Story

Its been a while since Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Michael Moore has made a film. In fact, he hasn’t had a new film in almost 6 years, with the release of Capitalism: A Love Story in 2009. Over the years Moore has hinted about working on a new film, and has even teased that he might leave documentaries for narrative films.

Now we know about Moore’s next project. It is Where to Invade Next , a documentary film which has already been completed in secret and will make its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September. Hit the jump for more details.

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