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The Movie: What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Where You Can Stream It: YouTube and Amazon Prime Video

The Pitch: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, under-appreciated while on the air and now considered by many to be the best Star Trek series of them all, is explored in this detailed, beautifully produced documentary that examines why the series matters. Nearly every significant cast member and writer (along with numerous other crew members) assemble for frank, thorough, and often hilarious talking heads and discussions. And it’s all built around a very special treat: the writers reassemble and let the cameras roll as they pitch and “break” the first episode of an eighth season that will never exist.

Why It’s Essential Viewing: If you haven’t watched Deep Space Nine, you shouldn’t watch What We Left Behind. It’s not for you. Not only does it play fast and loose with major spoilers (including the series finale), it’s designed to be a gift for the already initiated, coming in fast with in-jokes and references that will fly over the heads of non-fans. Quite simply, you won’t get anything out of this if you haven’t watched the original series. But if you have watched the original series? Oh, boy. You won’t find a better heaping of fan service than this.

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