we summon the darkness trailer

Crank up the volume for some heavy metal horror with We Summon the Darkness. This festival fave finds three female metal-heads who get mixed up in something seriously satanic after a big concert. The We Summon the Darkness trailer below teases the mayhem to come while also seeming almost maddeningly vague. There’s clearly more than meets the eye here.

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We Summon the Darkness review

Alexandra Daddario in a heavy metal horror movie? All those incantations and offerings to our Dark Lord have finally paid off my fellow – er, I mean, how lucky are we! Marc Meyers’ satanic panic headbanger flips the script on evil intentions and assembles a kickass girl gang decked out in studded leather. Daddario so often plays the adoring love interest, and I’ve been yearning to see someone twist her rom-com-ready talents into pitch-black realms. We Summon The Darkness kickstarts Satan’s heart in the name of bedeviled slayings, and every actor relishes their wild-child performative opportunities. I think I may have a new favorite Daddario persona. Read More »