Guess who’s switching from beer to vodka? Also after the jump:

  • Alvin and the Chipmunks 4 gets a director
  • Entourage and Furious 7 get their MPAA ratings
  • The Minions take 1960s New York in a cute new clip
  • What doesGOTG have to do with Star Trek 3?
  • See the Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel trailer
  • Taken 3 serves up the “12 Skills of Christmas”
  • Frank Grillo is in, Carmen Ejogo is out for Purge 3

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Robin Williams Attached to Another Crappy Movie

Robin Williams

The following is an Open Letter to Robin Williams:


I know we aren’t friends. You don’t even know me, although I know you. We even live down the street from one another. I’ve followed your career since Mork & Mindy (in reruns). I’m a big fan of your earlier work, and an even bigger supporter of your dramatic crossover films, Good Will Hunting and One Hour Photo in particular. Heck, I even enjoyed Hook.

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Disney preps for Wild Hogs 2? Say it isn’t So!

wildhogsposter2.jpgEarlier this month, I ranted on how Wild Hogs director Walt Becker was considering a sequel, and why I believed that wasn’t a good idea. Well it looks like Disney is interested. ARGH! Our friends at the Disney Enquirer have alerted us to Disney’s recent web domain puchases:


Wild Hogs has somehow made over $106 million domestically in it’s first 19 days of release. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the film make $20 million by months end. And the DVD sales will probably match the domestic take. How does a movie like this make that much money? I still have not met one person who was even remotely interested in seeing the film. Is it Middle America?

Please Disney, there are some movies that don’t need to be made, and a Wild Hogs sequel is one of them.

Bad Ideas: Wild Hogs 2

wildhogsposter1.jpgI don’t understand how so many people are duped into paying for a movie like Wild Hogs. Every month a new stinker hits theaters, and it makes tons of money. Wild Hogs made nearly $38 million in it’s first weekend. How?

Anyway, I just got word that director Walt Becker is considering a possible sequel. How can this happen? Can we start a petition to stop this madness? Wild Hogs 2 MUST be stopped.

luckily Becker has his plate full. His upcoming projects including Runt and Old Dogs. I have an idea: How about a good movie?

Nah, that would be too hard.