Over a year and a half ago, at Comic Con in 2011, we saw footage of Joe Lynch‘s film Knights of Badassdom. With a cast that features Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones), Danny Pudi (Community) and Summer Glau (Firefly), and a story about LARPing fantasy fans who are pressed into action against a real magical threat, the movie did well at Comic Con. The trailer got more attention online, and we thought a late 2011 or mid-2012 release might be in the cards.

But there has been no official word on Knights of Badassdom in a long time.

Turns out that Joe Lynch hasn’t had input on the film since just after Comic Con ’11. One of the producers is set to screen a cut of the film tomorrow, presumably in the hopes of attracting interest in buying the existing cut.┬áThe film’s website, badassdom.com, has been revamped to feature an open letter to “what remains of the Board of Directors of IndieVest, the production company and manager of the film known as Knights of BADASSDOM.” (Update: there has been a second update, so the text on the site is now changed.)

The story that follows is one that doesn’t yet have an ending, but it does explain why we have yet to see Knights of Badassdom. Read More »