Vinland Saga

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There are times where you only need a handful of episodes to know that the show you’re watching is truly something special, and that it will go down as one of the greats. It recently happened with Watchmen, and it also happened with Vinland SagaIn less than one season, this show established itself as one of the best shows of 2019, and if only it manages to stay as good as it is now, it may go down as one of the best anime of the modern era.

Adapted from Makoto Yukimura’s acclaimed manga series of the same name, Vinland Saga is a bloody and at times horrific story set in the early 11th century. It tells the story of a young Icelandic kid who is taken under the wing of his father’s killer and his band of mercenary Vikings. At the same time, we seem to be following several characters and factions’ rise to power, as the Danes invade England. It’s bloody, it’s emotional, and you won’t look at History’s Vikings the same way again after this. Read More »