CBS All Access Library Expansion

Among the plethora of streaming services now available, CBS All Access was probably the one with the most disappointing library. Sure, they have good originals like the new Star Trek shows and the reboot of The Twilight Zone, but otherwise, it’s mostly a collection of old CBS shows and other TV series that have been endlessly licensed at all the other streaming services. But that changes today.

CBS All Access has added over 70 new shows from Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and other channels from the Viacom family. This comes after CBS and Viacom recently merged, and now that the programming is expanding even further beyond what CBS has to offer, they’re looking at rebranding the entire service in 2021. Read More »

CBS and Viacom

Reunited and it feels so good: CBS and Viacom, two companies which were once joined but have spent nearly thirteen years operating as separate entities, are now merging once again. The deal could take months to be totally finalized, but this is a move that should give the newly-named ViacomCBS a fighting chance to survive in the streaming era. Read More »

sharing streaming passwords

It looks like the days of you using your roommate’s boyfriend’s parents HBO Go account are numbered.

Cable TV providers are reportedly cracking down on the “illicit” password-sharing of cable TV and streaming accounts, which has cost them millions of subscribers and billions of dollars in revenue. For many, this could make it decidedly difficult to live as a TV buff in the era of Peak TV and overpriced living conditions.

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