Dune Venice Film Festival

The sleeper has awakened, and he’s headed to the Venice Film Festival. Denis Villeneuve‘s star-studded adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sprawling sci-fi epic Dune is officially headed to the Venice Film Festival in September. Rumors have been swirling like a sandstorm that the film might premiere at the festival, and now it’s confirmed. Dune will be an out-of-competition entry in the fest, which means it can’t win awards, but it can generate plenty of buzz.

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venice film festival

Even though the 2020 Cannes Film Festival had to be canceled earlier this year due to the threat of the coronavirus pandemic, some film festivals slated for later this year are still on track to happen, albeit with some changes. The 2020 Venice Film Festival will be joining the likes of the Toronto International Film Festival and the Telluride Film Festival by marching onward in early September, however, this year will have a reduced selection of films, shifts for certain sections, and new outdoor venues. Read More »

venice film festival

When in Venice, do as you normally do: plan to still hold your international film festival this year despite the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Venice Film Festival is still planning to hold its 2020 edition as planned this September, despite fears around the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, which has cancelled or postponed festivals around the world, including the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. But despite reports that Venice and Cannes could collaborate in a joint initiative, the president of the Venice parent organization has shut down the possibility.

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venice film festival

Everything is delayed, canceled, or on hold at the moment due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), which means that film festivals are having to make some tough choices. Cannes is postponed. SXSW was canceled, but they recently announced they would try to put together an online film festival with Amazon Prime Video. TIFF has yet to make a decision one way or another, but festival runners Joana Vicente and Cameron Bailey mentioned last week that they were considering a potential digital festival. Digital film festivals are a distinct possibility in several locations, but there’s one fest that has flat-out refused to go digital: the Venice Film Festival.

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Joker Wins Venice Film Festival Golden Lion Award

The world premiere of Joker at the Venice Film Festival has already started a huge swell of buzz for Todd Phillips’ grim take on the origin story of Batman’s most notorious arch nemesis. Now the festival has given Joker another boost by awarding it the Golden Lion, the highest honor that the festival can give. Read More »

Joker Venice Film Festival

It’s still a bit too early for us to be seriously thinking about next year’s Oscar ceremony, but it’s apparently not too early for Venice Film Festival artistic director Alberto Barbera. In a new interview, he says director Todd Phillips‘ upcoming Joker movie is the most surprising film at this year’s festival, predicts that it will go “straight to the Oscars,” and explains how Phillips himself is confident that his movie can win The Golden Lion, the festival’s top prize. Read More »

a star is born early buzz

After a glowing review of A Star is Born prematurely hit the web, many wondered whether the Bradley Cooper remake of the cautionary tale of fame and romance could really be that good. The 2018 A Star is Born marks the third (!) remake of the story, so wouldn’t the newest film starring Cooper and an untested Lady Gaga creak under the familiar trappings? According to the first reviews coming out of the Venice International Film Festival, it really is that good.

A Star is Born early buzz praises Cooper’s directorial debut while gushing about pop star Lady Gaga’s first turn as a feature film lead. See what critics have to say about A Star is Born below.

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While we all wait for Darren Aronofsky‘s feature follow-up to mother!, we can make due with the VR series he produced – Spheres. The three-part series is set to premiere in full at the Venice Film Festival, with a new entry narrated by Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. More on the Darren Aronofsky VR series below.

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In an interesting and slightly surprising move, the Venice Film Festival jury headed by Quentin Tarantino has awarded the Golden Lion to Sofia Coppola‘s film Somewhere. (Trailer here.) The film got mixed to positive notes out of the fest, but Tarantino said today, “This was a film that enchanted us from our first screening…Yet from that first enchanting screening, it grew and grew and grew in both our hearts, in our analysis, in our minds, and in our affections.” The jury’s decision was unanimous.

The Silver Lion (aka Best Director) went to Alex de la Iglesia for A Sad Trumpet Ballad — that’s also something of a surprise, but I love seeing a long-time sort-of genre filmmaker like de la Iglesia take the prize. His film also won for Best Screenplay.

And Essential Killing, the movie with Vincent Gallo as a Taliban soldier on the run (trailer here), won Best Actor for Gallo as well as the Special Jury Prize. Quite a surprising and intriguing set of awards all around, really. Mila Kunis was also handed the Marcella Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actor or Actress for her work in Black Swan. Full list of winners is after the break. Read More »

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Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has led the jury at Cannes, in 2004, but his experience at the Venice Film Festival has been limited to programming a couple of sidebars in ’04 and ’07. That changes this year, as the fest has named Tarantino head of the 2010 competition jury for the festival which will run from September 1-11. So what films is he likely to be judging? Read More »