USS Indianapolis Trailer

Over the past few years, Nicolas Cage hasn’t been making very good choices when it comes to the movies in which he chooses to star. It’s a bummer that the man who starred in the likes of Leaving Las Vegas, The Rock, Raising Arizona and Face/Off has stooped so low as to star in a pandering adaptation of Left Behind, not to mention the countless other forgettable action thrillers.

Sadly, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage doesn’t look like a huge step up from his recent disappointing work, but at the very least, it’s inspired the the true story of some real courageous men in the American Navy during World War II. The first trailer for this movie paints a tearjerker of a war drama, bordering on melodrama, but it’s hard to really hate on the movie when it’s about real heroes.

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To movie fans, the WWII sinking of the USS Indianapolis is a familiar tale. Robert Shaw’s gruff, poetic account of the ship’s fate — and of the shark-infested waters into which the crew plunged after torpedoes broke the ship into pieces — is one of the crowning moments in Jaws. It’s one of the enduring film monologues, period. Want to see grown men cry? Play Shaw’s speech a couple times.

There is a newish wrinkle in the story of the Indianapolis, however, as in 1996 a young boy, inspired by Jaws, set out to exonerate Captain Charles McVay, who had been court-martialed for his role in the ship’s sinking. The boy was successful, and five years later the Captain’s record was amended. Now Robert Downey, Jr. and Susan Downey will produce a film with Warner Bros. about the boy’s efforts to clear the name of Captain McVay. Read More »