Whether they’re just fans of the franchise or want to work with director Ridley Scott, it seems like much of young Hollywood is circling the currently the Untitled Alien Prequel that’s in pre-production. Last week, word broke that 20th Century Fox loved Damon Lindelof’s rewrite of the script and that Natalie Portman was on top of a short list to star as the lead. There are now reports that Anne Hathaway and James Franco are also interested in being a part of the film. I urge you to… Read More »


Breaking news: Damon Lindelof frigging rules. Reports are coming in that the co-creator of Lost has just turned in his script for the Untitled Alien Prequel for director Ridley Scott and the executives at 20th Century Fox love it. Why do they love it? Well, because Scott originally budgeted the film around $150 million and Lindelof’s script has a distinct lack of large action set pieces, thereby bringing that number down. Plus the script reportedly has a more PG-13 edge in terms of language and off camera violence – much like the original 1979 film. And finally, Natalie Portman has met with Scott’s team and is at the top of their list for the lead female role of “a female Colonial Marine general.” Hit the jump for more on the upcoming project and why PG-13 isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Read More »