Breaking Bad Season 5 - Jesse and Walter

The American TV industry has borrowed liberally from other countries, adapting Ugly Betty from Colombia, The Killing from Denmark, Homeland from Israel, and The Office from the U.K., to name just a few examples. In turn, other nations have taken American shows like Everybody Loves Raymond and How I Met Your Mother and made them their own. Now one of our best homegrown series, Breaking Bad, is also heading to a foreign land.

Sony TV has given the go-ahead to Univision’s Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad, titled Metastasis. Diego Trujillo will lead the cast as a meek chemistry teacher turned ruthless meth cook named — what else — Walter Blanco. More info after the jump.

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When streaming content gets better and more abundant every single day, it’s pretty obvious we’re living in the streaming renaissance. What might have began with YouTube and Netflix is continually expanding, minute by minute, leading one Hollywood CEO to say that online distribution monopolies are a greater threat to the movie industry than piracy.

In other news, XBox Live will soon get a large quantity of streaming channels this holiday season and Hulu has just signed a deal to broadcast content from Univision, the popular Spanish language station. There’s more on all of these stories after the jump. Read More »