The work of Spike Jonze is all over the map, with the unifying element being an abiding interest in counterculture, and a less than traditional way of looking at the world. Jonze’s early film and video work was in skateboarding videos, but he hasn’t done anything in that world since 2007.

Now, however, Jonze is one of the directors of Pretty Sweet, a skateboarding video now available on iTunes. Along with Ty Evans and Cory Weincheque — the reunion of the trio behind Fully Flared in ’07 — Jonze has put together this new skate video that features the likes of Eric KostonGuy MarianoSean MaltoMarc JohnsonElijah BerleJesus Fernandez, and Brian Anderson, as well as make other notable skaters.

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Neckface Movie Trailer


Rising to prominence in the street art scene throughout the early aughts and now bustling inside the mainstream with shoe deals and bewildered news reports, the California artist known as Neckface is a fascinating subject. For one, much of his art was and remains illegal via the defacing of billboards and buildings with “Neckface” spray-painted in a signature, Satan-evoking scrawl.

And, as with the Batman Begins billboard below, which he famously altered to become “Neckface Begins!,” his tags tend to punctuate graffiti featuring decrepit, bat-like demons and bloodied, diseased derelicts. A new, all-access documentary on Neckface—who remains largely anonymous—is currently rolling from director Ty Evans, the co-director along with Spike Jonze of the skate vid Yeah Right! We’ve got the doc’s first trailer after the jump, plus NF’s new, gallery-approved take on Predator. His fresh take on Freddy Krueger hovers above.

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