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The biggest breakout star of the new Deadpool 2 trailer wasn’t Deadpool or Cable. Instead, it was Peter, the average-seeming individual played by Catastrophe star Rob Delaney. If you . need more Peter action, you’re in luck: the character has his own (verified) Twitter account.

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I’m as guilty as the next guy. If I’m at a film festival or an early screening of a film I know people are curious about, I try to get a reaction on Twitter as soon as possible. That’s the whole point of Twitter. It’s the world reacting in real time, and if it’s a big time movie, people who can’t be there are dying to know the thoughts of the people who are.

So is a Twitter reaction film criticism? It’s debatable. Thierry Fremaux, head of the Cannes Film Festival, says it is and that Twitter reactions are ruining film criticism. Read his quotes and some thoughts on Twitter movie reviews below. Read More »


While there are definitely some benefits to Twitter’s cultural ubiquity, the site’s recent foray into television has undoubtedly been one of the more unfortunate side effects. CBS already adapted one Twitter account into a TV show—the popular Shit My Dad Says (@shitmydadsays), which now has close to 2 million followers and a book deal to boot—and the results were catastrophic. The ratings, however, less so. Backed by William Shatner in the titular lead role, $#*! My Dad Says premiered with over 12 million viewers, making it an instant success for CBS.

So instant, in fact, that they’re now developing two more Twitter-based sitcoms. Learn more after the break. Read More »

The second season of Community premieres tonight—Thursday, September 23rd 8/7c, to be exact—but first it will be testing its luck with a Twitter experiment that it’s calling a “Twittersode”. Using faux Twitter feeds for the show’s characters, a scene will be acted out consisting of 80 tweets in all. Learn more after the break. Read More »

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For months new, industry analysts have wondered about “Twitter Effect.” Does Twitter have the capacity to change people’s perceptions of films? Did it make Bruno fail at the box office? Did it alter the outcome of the Academy Awards?

Whether or not any of that is true, some recently-released research by HP (via Mashable) purports to demonstrate that Twitter is better at predicting box office than currently-accepted methods. Hit the jump for some more details
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Jason Reitman, director of Thank You For Smoking and Juno, joined Twitter a few days ago to provide a few updates about his post-production work on the forthcoming Up in the Air, starring George Clooney. “A brief chronicle of my attempt to finish my film in time for the Toronto Film Festival,” he calls it. (I’m continually pleased by the evolving capabilities of the Internet to allow me to observe creators at work while making me feel as is I’m working at the same time.) So while the film may well still have a December release date, it could well premiere at Toronto (editors note: or sneak premiere at Telluride), just like Juno did.

The two posts that followed had some good, if brief info. First, that he’s nearly done with the first edit, which currently clocks at 2’04”. (Though I generally hate even reporting this; anyone who isn’t a distributor or exhibitor shouldn’t care about running time before seeing the movie.) The other is that Shadowplay, the outfit that animated the titles to his first two features, is doing the same for Up in the Air. Read More »

Jon Favreau Shows Off Tony Stark’s House on Twitter

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Hopefully, Peter’s recent post about actors and directors using social networking/blogging site Twitter opened up a whole new world for of information for you. If you’re a Twitter user, you can now keep track of the latest Repo: The Genetic Opera developments, read frustratingly cryptic and psychologically disturbing thoughts from the guy who who directed Hard Candy, or find out whatever the hell it is Demi Moore is doing after all these years. Turns out, though, that some directors are using Twitter to share some potentially useful and interesting information.

Just yesterday, Jon Favreau posted a photo on Twitter, with the description “Matty and me in Casa de Stark,” under construction. As MC Hammer recently opined regarding Twitter, what he loves about the service is that it disintermediates the distance between fans and celebrities. As filmmakers and marketers discover how easy the service is to use, my guess is you can expect to see much more of this type of stuff in the days to come. Hit the jump to see Tony Stark’s house under construction with Jon Favreau and cinematographer Matthew Libatique.
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