Twisted Metal TV Series

Twisted Metal was one of the earliest video game successes on the original PlayStation console in 1995. Players controlled a variety of deadly vehicles that battled each other in different arenas with ballistic projectiles, machine guns, mines, and plenty of other types of weapons. A series of sequels and spin-offs followed, but there hasn’t been a new Twisted Metal video game since 2012. But that’s not stopping an interesting assembly of talent from trying to shift a Twisted Metal TV series into gear. Read More »

Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have worked for years as a directing duo, making features such as the two Crank films, Gamer and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. Now, just days before that last film is released, Brian Taylor has been announced to direct his first solo feature.

Appropriately given that Sony has just released the latest installment of the Twisted Metal game franchise, Taylor will make the long-rumored film version of Twisted Metal. The film will depict a battle between strange characters who are behind the wheels of vehicles armed with extreme firepower. Read More »