Back in 2008, I posted about a Tron-inspired hoody design which was submitted to Threadless. That design, sadly, never made it to sale. I had always assumed that either it was too geeky, or maybe the design was too much like the one in the film.

Two years later, that design has finally been made into a threadless t-shirt, possibly fueled by the buzz and excitement for Tron Legacy. The tee, designed by Rolf Nelson, and titled My Other Ride is a Light Cycle, is printed “all over” a light blue Jersey tee (also available in a zip-up Mermaid Green American Apparel hoody). And yes, it does glow-in-the-dark! Head on over to Threadless to buy it now. More photos after the jump.

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A trailer for a tie-in videogame is a lot more relevant when we’re discussing a Tron picture than would normally be the case. The most obvious reason is that Tron was, of course, set within a virtual world and as such shares a lot of aesthetic and even generic qualities with videogames. Beyond that, there’s been a lot of stylistical flow between the first Tron film and the graphic design of videogames over the last couple of decades and also, most specifically to Tron Legacy, director Joseph Kosinski had previously created some TV spots for Halo 3 and Gears of War.

After the break you can see a trailer for Tron Evolution, the tie-in game to next winter’s Tron Legacy movie. There’s a clear through line in the design, from film to game – clearer even than from original Tron to this sequel.

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