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Netflix has picked up the next film from Tomb Raider director Roar Uthaug. The streaming giant is set to release Uthaug’s Norwegian action-adventure fantasy Troll, a monster movie inspired by Scandinavian legend that imagines a giant fantasy creature awakening from slumber to wreak havoc on the Norwegian countryside.

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Harry Potter Jr movie

Not long after Chris Columbus was talking about a desire to return to the wizarding world of Harry Potter with a sequel taking place after The Deathly Hallows, a press release has announced a new animated film called Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter, Jr. But it has nothing to do with the Harry Potter most are familiar with today.

Instead, this new project is a reprisal of the 1986 cult classic film Troll, with original director and writer John Carl Buechler heading back to his fantasy world in the format of a 3D animated feature film. So what’s with the Harry Potter Jr movie angle? Find out after the jump! Read More »

There has been so much news in the last few days that we just haven’t been able to get to all of it. Here is a round up of stories that just didn’t make the /Film front page, or what we like to call…. Page 2!

Blockbuster had finally announced that they will be rolling out Blu-ray in its 4,000 stores in the US and Canada, after a successful trial run in 1,700 outlets. In other news, Netflix is still better. [gizmodo]

FilmSchoolRejects and Collider both have exclusive images from Pathology.

Our friend Devin Faraci at CHUD has a great rebuttal to our own Hunter Stephenson’s drunken There Will Be Blood rant.
John C Buechler’s Troll remake is set to begin shooting in Vancouver, Canada; Torino, Italy and China starting on June 30th. [Bloody-Disgusting]

Enter for a chance to win a Pro-Poker Prize Pack in a contest to promote the upcoming film The Deal, which hits theaters on April 25th.

KungFuRodeo has new images from the The Dark Knight animatrix-like collection Batman: Gotham Knight.

Jason Reitman and Kevin Smith have decided to blog for the NHL. Wait, do people still watch hockey? [yahoo]

Collider has a new poster-like image from Pixar’s WALL-E. Appears to be a cover to a book or something, but still worth checking out.

Baghead, The Duplass Brothers’ follow-up to The Puffy Chair, had big buzz at the Sundance Film Festival this year and was quickly snapped up by Sony Pictures Classics. Sony has apparently decided to drop the title. I assume they are doing this because “Baghead” would have been too marketable, and Sony Pictures Classics doesn’t want to make money. [cinematical]

Kenny Baker, the 72-year-old actor who played R2-D2 in Star Wars is in a Manchester hospital after suffering a severe asthma attack. We hope he gets better soon. [telegraph]

Our friends at Latino Review have a script review of Tony Gilroy‘s next film Duplicity.

And you thought New Line’s Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D was going to be bad… The Asylum, the direct-to-dvd studioknown for producing cheap mockbusters of hot hollywood releases (Snakes on a Train…etc) has released the first photo from their upcoming film, Journey to the Center of the Earth, which hits store shelves on July 1st.


In going along with Peter’s “rant” about what constitutes a spoiler on the Internets, I’m not sure if the following quote from director Carter Smith about The Ruins is one or not. If you’ve read the book by Scott Smith, it’s definitely not, and the info should please you. But if you haven’t, you’ll know what’s in store to a certain degree this April if you see the post-college dread horror thriller set in Mexico starring Jena Malone. With that out of the way, Smith tells Bloody Disgusting he doesn’t see a sequel in the cards…

“I haven’t talked at all about a sequel [to The Ruins],” says Smith. “Audiences are so jaded these days that they just assume it’s set up for a sequel, while the ending you saw was about keeping the integrity of the darkness,” he explains. “That was what I loved about the book was that it was so bleak and dark… I couldn’t believe it ended the way it did, it took me by surprise.”

See, to me, I’d rather not know if a film’s ending is the opposite of a walk into the sunset before I see it. You? And if the ending leaves ambiguity for a sequel, even more so. Such endings are a turn-off to me. I’m curious to see if The Ruins connects, as a sort of mid-brow Touristas, but either way, it seems Smith won’t have difficulty with a creative follow-up, mentioning Troll (apparently not a remake of the 1986 cult flick and unrelated to this same-named 2009 film) and Come Closer as his candidates.

“There are a couple projects I’m working, a adaptation of a book called Come Closer, by Sara Gran,” he continues, “[It’s] the story of a New York women who becomes convinced she might be possessed by a demon. Then there’s a book that I adapted into a screenplay called Troll, [which is] a very adult fairy tale. [It’s] Strange dark cross between E.T. and Lolita.”

Wow. I’m on Team Troll, there is no doubt.