Total Request Live Reboot

Do you remember Total Request Live on MTV? The result of a mash-up of the live program MTV Live and the fan-controlled countdown aspect of Total Request, the program would become one of the most popular programs on the music-based network in the late 90s and through the late 2000s. Hosted by Carson Daly before The Voice was a thing and airing weekday afternoons, the series had fans voting by internet, phone and text for which music videos from their favorite artists would make a Top 10 countdown. Getting the #1 spot was quite the coveted honor, and the show was one of those things that all the cool kids were watching after school.

Total Request Live (or TRL as it came to be known) was canceled back in the fall of 2008, but now nine years later, MTV has announced they will be rebooting the program in October touting a new studio in Times Square, just like the original show, but with “bigger audiences, expansive sets and simultaneous productions including new digital extensions of TRL.” We’re not really sure what that last part means, but we’re also not really sure why Total Request Live is being rebooted in the age of YouTube where music videos are just the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen away. Read More »