Fright Night may not have done massive business for Disney and DreamWorks, but it was good enough to keep the principals on board at Disney. Screenwriter Marti Noxon was just announced as part of a new Pixar project, and now Fright Night remake director Craig Gillespie, who also made Lars and the Real Girl, is in talks to make the baseball drama Million Dollar Arm. Jon Hamm remains set to star. Read More »

Tom McCarthy has made a couple of really successful little dramas, Win Win and The Station Agent. (And he was less successfully associated with the beginning of Game of Thrones.) Now McCarthy is teaming with The West Wing writer Josh Singer to tell a much bigger and more culturally loaded story: the history of “the Catholic Church’s decades-long cover-up of child molestation in Massachusetts,” and of the Boston Globe reporters that uncovered the local efforts to hide evidence of the abuse. Read More »

One of the Stephen King novels to elude the forces of film adaptation has been Rose Madder, which combines phantasmagoric fantasy and spousal abuse in a way that is very characteristically King, and seemingly rather difficult to put on the screen.

That is changing now, as the 1995 novel is part of a trio of film projects announced at the American Film Market by Palomar Pictures (Brothers, Killer Elite) and Gosvenor Park. The companies will team to remake French heist movie Joseph and the Girl, Norwegian film Elling, and to bring Rose Madder to the screen. Read More »

Fans of animation director Brendon Small are familiar with his series Home Movies, but don’t mistake this new film with the same title for one that has anything to do with the animated series. (Or with Brian DePalma’s 1980 film, either.)

This new Home Movies is something different: a supernatural family comedy. And it is possibly something pretty cool, as the writer is Tom McCarthy, who has scored a lot of favor writing and directing The Station Agent, The Visitor and Win Win. (He also worked on the story for Pixar’s Up.) Read More »

David chats with actor/writer/director Tom McCarthy about playing the most hated villain in The Wire, the challenges of filming high school wrestling, and making indie fare that rises above the rest. Tom’s newest film, Win Win, is out in limited release today.

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Editor’s Note: This review of Win Win originally ran in January when we saw it at the Sundance Film Festival. Since the film opens in limited release today, we decided to republish it.

A movie like Win Win is why you come to the Sundance Film Festival. Directed by Tom McCarthy, it stars Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, Bobby Cannavale and Jeffrey Tambor in the hilarious, heartwarming story of a happy, but financially troubled family, who find themselves taking care of a 16-year-old boy . That boy, played by newcomer Alex Shaffer, just so happens to be a champion wrestler and Giamatti’s character just so happens to be a wrestling coach. However, the film is much more than just a simple sports movie or family drama. It integrates the two in a way that’s both organic and accessible.

McCarthy has made a winning film that’s very easy to love. And I do. Read my review and see a video blog about it featuring myself and Peter after the jump. Read More »

Two Clips and Featurette From ‘Win Win’

We’re still in the first quarter of 2011, but the best film I’ve seen so far is Tom McCarthy‘s Win Win. The Fox Searchlight release wowed audiences at Sundance and will surely do the same at South by Southwest in advance of its March 18 release date. A dramatic sports comedy, it stars Paul Giamatti as a lawyer by day, wrestling coach by night who finds himself the defacto guardian of a troubled young man who also happens to be a superstar wrestler. Together, the boy (played by newcomer Alex Shaffer) and coach enrich and complicate the lives of all around them, including Amy Ryan, Bobby Cannavale and Jeffrey Tambor. The film is heartfelt and hilarious.

On the site we’ve already reviewed the film, both on video and in print, spoken to the co-writer/director Tom McCarthy and highlighted the trailer. Now, we’ve found two clips from the film as well as a featurette that’ll get you stoked for one of the best movies of 2011 so far, Win Win. Read More »

Anyone who loves entertainment dreams of having an IMDB page as varied and strong as Tom McCarthy‘s. Not only is he a successful actor who has enjoyed roles on respected shows like The Wire and Boston Public, he’s appeared in blockbuster films like Meet the Parents and 2012, he’s a talented writer (with three films and a story credit on Up) and an awesome director (his upcoming third film, Win Win, was one of our favorites of the Sundance Film Festival). Next up, McCarthy will take those prolific skills to the baseball diamond as he’s been hired to write Million Dollar Arm for Disney, based on the story of sports agent J.B. Bernstein who found two professional pitchers through an Indian reality TV show. Read more about the story and the deal after the jump. Read More »

New Poster: ‘Win Win’ From Director Tom McCarthy

I’m a big fan of Tom McCarthy as an actor and director (The Station Agent, The Visitor) so I’m curious to see both his sorta-directorial effort for the pilot of Game of Thrones (reshoots were done without him) and his new indie Win Win, starring Paul Giamatti. The story follows a struggling middle-aged attorney and volunteer wrestling coach (Paul Giamatti) who becomes caretaker to an elderly man (Burt Young), which leads to a complicated mentor/guardian situation with the man’s grandson (Alex Schaffer). Peter and Germain loved the movie at Sundance (review here) and now there’s a poster to rep the picture in advance of its March 18 release.

See the full poster, thanks to Vulture, after the break. Read More »

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Here’s a new teaser for HBO’s Game of Thrones, which adapts the first novel in George R.R. Martin‘s epic fantasy series. Tom McCarthy (The Station Agent, The Visitor) directs the pilot, which leads one to expect something that will be dense with character and dialogue. Indeed, one trailer for the show suggested we’ll see exactly that, and this teaser is also pretty dialogue-heavy for something that concentrates more on mood than story. But, as something that concentrates on mood, it also has a lot of furrowed brows and dense, foreboding shadows. Check it out after the break. Read More »