The Lost Boys

It’s a little surprising we haven’t heard about a remake of The Lost Boys yet. We’ve seen two direct-to-DVD sequels to the film (both starring Corey Feldman), but Joel Schumacher‘s vampire film is certainly well known enough to make someone see dollar signs in a potential update. Before that inevitable day comes, Vertigo Comics is bringing us a sequel to The Lost Boys that follows the film’s original surviving characters.

Below, learn more about The Lost Boys sequel comic.

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Under what circumstances might you see Harry Potter and Don Draper taking a bath together? Hit the jump to find out. Plus:

  • Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert go live for the election
  • What does your favorite show say about your politics?
  • Brendan Fraser won’t be one of TNT’s Legends after all
  • AMC puts Hell on Wheels‘ Season 3 renewal on hold
  • FX isn’t so happy with the second Powers pilot, either
  • An adaptation of Tim Seeley‘s Revival is in the works
  • HBO goes forward with Stephen Merchant‘s Hello Ladies

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When is a motion comic not a motion comic? When it is an ‘illustrated film.’ I’ll leave it to you, our readers, to ponder the difference between those terms while you think about the upcoming illustrated film version of the comic Hack/Slash. A film based on the comic has been slowly working through development for a couple years, and we haven’t heard much about it since Stephen Susco was hired to write a new draft almost a year ago.

While the live-action film version struggles through development, Matt Pizzolo (Godkiller) will create the illustrated film version of Hack/Slash for Halo-8 Entertainment. Read More »