Demolition Man Lawsuit

On this episode, special guest Alan Yang, director of the new Netflix film Tigertail, stops by to review 1993’s Demolition Man. Tune in to hear the cast discuss Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes’s memorable performances. Stay after the show for a in-depth review of Devs, the sci-fi limited series written and directed by Alex Garland.

Read about the predictive power of Demolition Man here.

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Demolition Man
After Darks (~01:01:30)
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Tigertail review

There are many things I never told you,” Tzi Ma‘s Pin-Jui tremulously tells his daughter (Christine Ko) in Alan Yang‘s moving immigrant drama Tigertail, the Emmy-winning Master of None writer’s feature directorial debut. It’s the emotional catharsis, the eye-opening reveal of an aging father’s untold life and memories, in Yang’s generations-spanning immigrant tale. And it’s a sentiment shared by hundreds of first-generation immigrants whose children struggle to overcome those generational divides.

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tigertail trailer

Alan Yang has a talent for making us cry over intergenerational immigrant stories. The Master of None co-creator co-wrote with Aziz Ansari the Netflix series’ acclaimed episode “Parents,” which sped through the entire lives of two pairs of immigrant parents, capturing their small joys and big sacrifices they made for the American dream. Now Yang is making his feature directorial debut with Tigertail, which stars Tzi Ma as a fictionalized version of Yang’s own father as he charts a young Taiwanese factory worker’s journey to America to old age, as he grapples with his many regrets. Watch the Tigertail trailer below.

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