Michael Bay Dark Of Moon

Watch out, Texas: Michael Bay‘s Autobots and Decepticons are coming to destroy your towns. Also after the jump:

  • Woman in Black: Angels of Death adds two young Brit stars
  • Sorry romcom fans, Bridget Jones 3 isn’t coming anytime soon
  • Transformers 4 continues casting; Bay talks character redesigns
  • Ray Liotta chats about the Sin City and The Muppets sequels
  • Paul Verhoeven had fun watching the Total Recall remake fail
  • Cozy up to the cutest cast member from The Hangover Part III
  • Disney parks reveal big summer plans for Monsters University

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For various reasons, we figured The Woman in Black was a one-and-done affair for Daniel Radcliffe. After spending almost the entirety of his film career in one franchise, who would expect him to jump right into another? And so when the sequel, The Woman in Black: Angels of Death was announced, it was no surprise to hear it would take place many years after the events of the first film, and therefore probably not involve Radcliffe.

But now Hammer Films CEO Simon Oakes says that there will hopefully be more than one sequel to the original film, and that Radcliffe could make an appearance of some sort in Angels of Death. Spoilers for the original film follow. Read More »

This past spring, Hammer Films announced that it is developing The Woman in Black: Angels of Death, a sequel to the horror/thriller that starred Daniel Radcliffe. The first film was Radcliffe’s first major non-Harry Potter role, and interest in the actor helped push the picture to a gross of over $100m worldwide. The fact that the film wasn’t bad at all didn’t hurt, either.

But for a number of reasons we didn’t expect Radcliffe to show up in the sequel. Jon Croker, who worked on the first film as story editor, has penned the follow-up, and now we’ve got the story details below. Spoilers for the first film are generously included after the break. Read More »

Fingers crossed that the sequel to The Woman in Black, to be called The Woman in Black: Angels of Death, will have an era-appropriate cover of Slayer’s most famous song buried somewhere in the story. (Seems unlikely, but one can hope. I’ll probably have to just be happy with the song’s use in Gremlins 2.)

Here’s what we know about the sequel to the highest-grossing British film of the past 20 years: the story begun in the first film will be continued 40 years later. Jon Crocker is developing the script based on a story by Susan Hill, who also wrote the tale upon which the first film was based. But will Daniel Radcliffe return? Big spoilers follow for those who haven’t seen The Woman in Black. Read More »