Last year we reported a few times on a new version of The Wind in the Willows, which is being produced by RG Entertainment with Ray Griggs (Super Capers) directing and WETA and Richard Taylor working on the effects for the live-action/animatronic film. Now the movie has its first cast member, as Ricky Gervais will voice Mole. Read More »

Last week we posted concept art and a promo teaser trailer for Peter Jackson’s WETA’s (Lord of the Rings, District 9) live-action and animatronics adaptation of Kenneth Grahame‘s classic book The Wind in the Willows.On the Comic-Con show floor, I was able to find more designs and maquettes for the upcoming adaptation at the WETA booth. Hit the jump to see more photos.

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Kenneth Grahame‘s The Wind in the Willows, which follows four anthropomorphized characters in a classic pastoral English countryside, has been adapted to the screen many times. Now there’s a new version on the way, to be directed by Ray Griggs, with Peter Jackson’s WETA providing a suite of animatronic effects to bring the animal characters to life. Read More »