‘Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project’ Trailer

Hollywood is a town that thrives on publicity, so much so that it feels at times like I know more about certain overexposed stars than I do my own family members. And yet within that world, there are still a few power players that manage to remain (relatively) in the shadows. Harvey Weinstein is one of the most successful producers working today, with hits like Pulp Fiction and the classic Miramax catalog, not to mention credit on other projects like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He has┬áprominence and influence matched by few other industry vets, and yet he’s maintained such careful control over his public image that not much is known about the “real” Harvey Weinstein.

Fascinated by this widely recognized yet secretive figure, documentarian Barry Avrich set out to uncover the true story behind the industry giant in a documentary titled Unauthorized: The Harvey Weinstein Project. Sounds interesting, right? Unfortunately, the first trailer isn’t very enticing. Watch it after the jump.

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TWC alters Hannibal Rising Review Quote

Hannibal Quote

A movie critic quote for Hannibal Rising was changed to be “more family friendly” for the Super Bowl television spot. TWC changed the original quote from Maxim critic Pete Hammond, “the most terrifying movie of the new year” to “the most electrifying movie of the new year.”

Is there a question of Ethics?
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