Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting back to work in a big way, having already shot a role in The Expendables 2, and the feature Last Stand. (A trailer for while should go online this week.) Now he’s shooting The Tomb, which puts him back on the screen with Expendables creator and former box-office rival Sylvester Stallone.

Stallone plays a security expert trapped in an unbreakable jail of his own design, while Arnie plays a prisoner in the jail who helps Sly escape. The film also features Jim Caviezel, Vincent D’Onofrio, Sam Neill, Vinnie Jones, Amy Ryan, and 50 CentMikael Håfström (1408, The Rite) directed, and that’s the first full image of the two leads, above. Read More »

Mikael Håfström‘s The Tomb attracted some attention for reuniting ’80s action stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, but the project’s collected quite an eclectic cast since its early days. After adding Jim Caviezel back in February, The Tomb has now also signed Vincent D’Onofrio, Vinnie Jones, 50 Cent, and Amy Ryan. The combination isn’t entirely random: D’Onofrio, Jones, and 50 Cent recently completed production on Lionsgate’s Fire with Fire, which like The Tomb produced by Emmett/Furla Films. I can’t explain Ryan’s presence, though. More after the jump.

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The Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Scwarzenegger prison-set action thriller The Tomb has just added James Caviezel. Producer Mark Canton announced over the weekend that the actor had signed on, and that he’ll play the warden of a super high-tech prison that Stallone’s character designed, and from which he has to escape. Canton also said that Schwarzenegger, who plays a resident of the prison, will have a solid chunk of screen time. No mere cameo for Arnie. Mikael Hafstrom directs. [AICN]

After the break, check out the clip from the radio show where Canton talked about The Tomb, and catch up with news on Antonio Banderas playing Pablo Picasso, and John Turturro’s next films. One of those may be Michael Bay’s Pain & Gain. Read More »

It just isn’t as difficult to pair ’80s action icons as it used to be. The Expendables blazed a new trail for guys like Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger to work in the same film, and the sequel is soon to expand that testosterone showcase.

Last month it started to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger would also join Sylvester Stallone in a prison film called The Tomb. (Which, appropriately enough, was almost a Bruce Willis film at one point.) Now the two actors are locked and Mikael Håfström (The Rite, 1408) is set to direct, with Summit ready to distribute. Read More »

About a year and a half ago, it seemed like Antoine Fuqua was set to direct Bruce Willis in the original action thriller The Tomb. In the time since, however, the project’s rotated through a couple of other well-known action-names. Fuqua and Willis dropped out of the project, and Willis’ The Expendables co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger flirted with taking the lead before another Expendables man, Sylvester Stallone, ultimately signed on.

Now it looks like Schwarzenegger may be back again, as news breaks that the former California governor has entered early talks to appear alongside Stallone in the film. Meanwhile, the project seems to have finally found a replacement for Fuqua in Mikael Håfström, who’s helmed such movies as The Rite and Derailed. More details after the jump.

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The Tomb is like a revolving door of action stars and directors. The Summit project has been kicking around since 2008, with Jeff Wadlow (Never Back Down) as the original director and then Antoine Fuqua once set to direct and Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger flirting with the lead role. Now all of the above have moved on, and Willis and Schwarzenegger’s comrade in Expendability, Sylvester Stallone, is signing on to star. Read More »

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is in talks to star in Antoine Fuqua‘s prison escape drama The Tomb. According to Deadline, Willis would play Ray Breslin, “the world’s foremost authority on structural security” who is framed and incarcerated in an escape-proof master prison he designed himself. Breslin is on a mission to escape, using MacGyver-like tricks, and find the person who put him behind bars.

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