Army of the Dead Make-Up Effects

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In this edition, see how the make-up, effects, and stunt crew Zack Snyder‘s Army of the Dead brought the superpowered zombies to life. Plus, watch as some of the cast members of Saturday Night Live pitch ideas for The Queen’s Gambit sequels to series star Anya Taylor-Joy. And finally, listen as Eric Bana looks back on his career, from Hulk to Hanna and much more. Read More »

The Time Traveler's Wife TV Series

Audrey Niffenegger’s best-selling sci-fi romance novel The Time Traveler’s Wife was already turned into a movie starring Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana in 2009. Now HBO is letting former Doctor Who showrunner and writer Steven Moffat take a crack at adapting the novel into a TV series, and the show has finally landed on its two stars.

Divergent franchise co-star Theo James and Game of Thrones supporting actress Rose Leslie are taking the lead roles in The Time Traveler’s Wife TV series, which will tell the story of a couple whose love is both sparked and plagued by time travel. Read More »

the time traveler's wife series

Steven Moffat can’t get away from making shows about time travelers, just like Rachel McAdams can’t get away from playing their wives. But McAdams likely won’t be starring in HBO’s series adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife, which Moffat is on board to develop. It’s familiar terrain for the former showrunner and writer of the U.K.’s longest-running time traveling sci-fi show, Doctor Who.

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Some films rely on your willingness to invest a great deal of time and energy to analyze their themes and explore what they’re trying to say in order to appreciate them. Better films allow you the privilege of having no idea what the point is without detracting from the overall enjoyment of the experience. A Serious Man is the latter. Between the thematic mirroring of the otherwise unrelated opening Yiddish folktale, the lingering question of a greater power, and the endless perplexing mysteries that plague the character’s lives, it’s a movie with a lot going on under the surface, and one that interested parties will find themselves greatly rewarded by if they decide to dissect it further. Casual viewers, meanwhile, will find just as much to love, with the Coens yet again injecting in every scene their wonderful idiosyncratic touches (see: dialogue, visual style, character mannerisms, etc.), transforming what easily could’ve been a simplistic, ponderous story and turning it into one that’s at once compelling, puzzling and hilarious.
Available on Blu-ray? Yes.
Notable Extras: DVD & Blu-ray – 3 featurettes (“Becoming Serious”, “Creating 1967”, “Hebrew and Yiddish for Goys”).

Target Best Buy Fry’s
$19.99 $19.99 $17.77
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Target Best Buy Fry’s
$24.99 $26.99 $24.77
Amazon – $19.49

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The Time Traveler’s Wife Becoming a TV Series


After The Time Traveler’s Wife scored a fairly respectable little pile of poker chips at this weekend’s box office, the news is breaking that the story is next headed to the small screen. Marta Kaufman, co-creator of Friends and Veronica’s Closet, is set to write and executive produce an ongoing series that can take time spinning out the decade long romance of the novel at the same time as giving us stand alone narratives tied-up on an episode by epidsode basis. Quantum Leap, anyone? Or maybe Journeyman is more on the nose.

According to The Wrap, ABC and Kaufman have been talking about the project “for years.” Of course, it’s no surprise that the light came on just now, when the film has proven itself in the marketplace.

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gi joe super bowl

Steve from Collider is a good friend of mine. At least a few times a week we talk about upcoming movies, TV shows, what gossip each of us have heard, and anything else we might find exciting. Since a number of our conversations cover things you also might find interesting, we’ve decided to start recording certain conversations as video blogs. Past video blogs have included The Future of the Batman Film Franchise, The Box Office Prospects of Watchmen and thoughts on the first 46 Minutes of Pixar’s Up.

We were recently talking about some of the movies coming out this summer and realized we should do some video blogs about the 2009 Summer Movie season. We were a little too ambitious, and thought we could squeeze two months worth of films into one blog, but as usually happens, we ran out of time. So the first three parts of our Summer movie preview were posted last week (you can watch part one here , part two here, and part three here). In part 3, we take a look at the movies of August 2009: GI Joe, When in Rome, Taking Woodstock, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Inglourious Basterds, Final Destination: Death Trip 3D, H2. Please leave your thoughts on the movies of August 2009 in the comments below.

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the time travelers wife

Robert Schwentke‘s big screen adaptation of The Time Traveler’s Wife has been sitting on the shelf for over a year. To give you an idea of how long that has been, The Time Traveler’s Wife went into post production before the non-canceled television series Journeyman even premiered. I mention Journeyman because many people accused the show of borrowing conceptual elements from the Audrey Niffenegger novel. The film is a romantic drama about a Chicago librarian (Eric Bana) with a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel, and the complications it creates for his marriage. Rachel McAdams and Ron Livingston co-star.

Tonight we have a bit of good news, Warner Bros has finally announced that they will release the movie on August 14th 2009, up against Final Destination: Death Trip 3D and Neil Blomkamp’s Cloverfield-like sci-fi film District 9. Now does anyone have any idea when The Weinstein Brothers intend on releasing The Road?

The Spirit

Lionsgate has decided to move the release date of Frank Miller‘s adaptation of Will Eisner’s The Spirit up from January 16th next year to Christmas Day (December 25th 2008). Apparently Lionsgate’s president Tom Ortenberg decided to change the release date after he saw the reaction to the film’s teaser trailer at the New York Comic Con. And I’m sure Paramount’s decision to move Star Trek from that date to Summer 2009 (May 8th) had nothing to do with this decision.

The Spirit will now go head to head with Disney’s Adam Sandler family fantasy comedy Bedtime Stories, and the adaptations of The Time Traveler’s Wife and Marley & Me, both of which fall into the romance category. There is certainly room for a comic book film on that Holiday date.

Discuss: Which movie will you see on Christmas weekend – The Spirit, Bedtime Stories, The Time Traveler’s Wife or Marley & Me.

First Look: The Time Traveler’s Wife

The Time Traveler's Wife

I was a huge fan of the now canceled television show Journeyman. A victim of a mixture of the writers strike and lower than expected ratings, the series’ last episode aired a couple weeks ago. Almost makes me want to start a pointless letter writing campaign.

But truth be told, Journeyman was actually slammed by few as a copy of the bestselling novel The Time Traveler’s Wife. And not so coincidently, Audrey Niffenegger’s novel was optioned three years prior. The romantic drama starring Eric Bana as a Chicago librarian with a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel will hit the big screen later this year. The story revolves around the complications it creates for his marriage (wife played by Rachel McAdams). Check out some photos from the upcoming New Line film after the jump. Click to enlarge.

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