The Sun is Also a Star Review

Educational value of its title aside, The Sun Is Also a Star is a fairly limp romantic drama that attempts (and fails) to tie its core relationship to The Way We Live Now. It might seem glib to look at this movie, in which two strangers meet by happenstance and fall in love while spending the day together in a big city, as Before Sunrise for the YA set. But then, the way this film leans on how U.S. immigration policies are actively cruel towards so many people who want to emigrate to the States is in and of itself glib, especially because it feels like an unnecessary crutch to a sappy coupling.

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the sun is also a star trailer

The Sun Is Also a Star was a YA bestseller from author Nicola Yoon, and now its headed to the big screen. The film focuses on two young people falling for each other over the course of a single day. It’s a pretty cut-and-dry romantic movie set-up (and also the plot of Before Sunrise). But based on this The Sun Is Also a Star trailer, the movie isn’t taking a cut-and-dry approach to its visual storytelling. At the very least, this film looks pretty damn stylish. Watch the trailer below. Read More »