None of these updates are all that major, but there are a lot of them so let’s get right to it. After the jump:

  • Channing Tatum won’t direct Magic Mike 2 just yet
  • Stephen King‘s The Shining (book) sequel gets dated
  • Jude Law is totally up for more Sherlock Holmes
  • Karen Allen reiterates Indy 5 is up to George Lucas
  • Seth MacFarlane is “thinking about” a sequel to Ted
  • Men in Black 3 and the trilogy hit Blu-ray / DVD this fall
  • Rosario Dawson says Sin City 2 will shoot in November
  • Super Troopers 2 hits legal trouble; Pot Quest still simmering

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The Shining

Stephen King has been letting a lot of juicy news tidbits slip while making book tour appearances. His latest admission is almost unbelievable. While appearing at Toronto’s Canon Theatre, King dropped the bombshell during his on stage interview with director David Cronenberg that he began working on a sequel to The Shining last summer.

That’s right… a SEQUEL to THE SHINING.

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