color out of space on shudder

Color Out of Space, an H.P. Lovecraft adaptation featuring one of the craziest of Nicolas Cage‘s crazy performances, is headed to Shudder. The horror streaming service just snapped up the streaming rights to the Richard Stanley-directed pic, as well as the rights to the vampire movie The Shed, directed by Frank Sabatella.

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The Shed trailer

When two bullied teens discover a terrible evil lurking in their backyard shed, they use it to strike back against the jackasses who have tormented them for years. But when it comes to getting revenge, how far is too far? That idea seems to be at the heart of a new indie horror film called The Shed, and you can check out the first trailer for the movie below.
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The Shed Review

Vampires have gotten a bad rap in recent years, losing a lot of the mysticism, romanticism and sheer horror that usually come with creatures of the night. Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet director Frank Sabatella wants to bring vampires back to their roots with a film that is part drama about bullied teens and part sci-fi movie about a kid hiding a fantastical creature in their house a la Mac and Me, but instead of a Coca-Cola loving alien, it’s a bloodthirsty vampire living in a shed.

The result is The Shed, a dark and poignant look at bullying and how easy it is to fall into a dark path of revenge, while also being a traditional horror movie.

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