Premiering at next month’s SXSW Film Festival in the movie mecca of Austin, Texas is The Ride, a thorough and serenely choreographed doc on young professional bull riders, rodeo entertainers, and the lucrative, tradition-heavy subculture that supports them. To some, the flick will appear an unlikely release from VICE Films, part of the media-and-culture empire that has expanded out of flannel-crowded Brooklyn to 15 countries. But their film offshoot, which boasts no less than Spike Jonze as its creative director, has taken a shining of late to the heartland; a heady Virginian outlaw feature from the company entitled White Lightnin’ is also on deck for oh-ten.

Paced with the bucolic ease of downing beers on a front porch at sunset (the acronym of the Professional Bull Riding circuit is conveniently PBR), the film is interspersed with shit-kicker action and road-life but follows many riders on through candid disappointment, injury, and even tragedy (one rider died during production). After the jump, we have the official trailer for The Ride, images, and thoughts from /Film’s exclusive screening…

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