At a time when the economic recession is making it difficult for many families to even put food on the table, it’s a challenge to muster up much sympathy for a billionaire couple who find they can no longer afford their 90,000 foot square home — complete with two tennis courts, thirty bathrooms, ten kitchens, an ice-skating rink, and a full-sized baseball field.

But in The Queen of Versailles, documentarian Lauren Greenfield does just that. The Sundance hit follows the decline of Westgate Resorts CEO David Siegel and his ex-beauty queen wife Jackie as the American Dream suddenly turns sour on them. True, their idea of roughing it still looks like most people’s idea of living in luxury. But Greenfield’s doc seems to find a perfect balance between gawking at the obscene decadence and genuinely feeling for their troubles. Watch the trailer after the jump.

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