the place of no words trailer

Mark Webber‘s The Place of No Words poses a large, unanswerable question: “Where do we go when we die?” The indie drama follows a three-year-old who poses such a question through a fantasy-tinged tryptic, while also dealing real-world troubles. It looks visually inventive and narratively interesting, and could definitely be a smaller film worth looking out for. Watch The Place of No Words trailer below.

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the place of no words review

“Where do we go when we die?” When 3-year-old Bodhi Palmer asks his real-life father and mother (Mark Webber and Teresa Palmer) that question, it seems to denote the start of a profound journey of existential discovery. But in The Place of No Words, that journey takes some unexpected detours that don’t always pan out.

Writer and director Mark Webber casts his own extremely photogenic family in The Place of No Words, a deeply personal exploration of grief and mortality. When young Bodhi asks his father that dreaded question about death, the duo embark on an imagined journey in which they are Vikings exploring a rugged Nordic landscape. But there’s an endearing amateurish quality to The Place of No Words that gives the film an added layer of intimacy, while preventing it from being a truly escapist fantasy.

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