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With Edgar Wright no longer directing Ant-Man, the question becomes, “what’s next?” The Cornetto Trilogy is done, so Wright has a few options. One big one is an adaptation of the TV show, The Night Stalker, starring Johnny Depp. Wright was attached to the property a few years back but it seemed incredibly far away at the time, with both The World’s End and Ant-Man ahead of it in the queue. With one completed and the other gone, Deadline reports Wright could go back to work on the Disney adaptation which follows a tabloid crime reporter whose investigations edge into the supernatural. Read More »

Well, this is unexpected. We’ve known that Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World director Edgar Wright is at work on both a new screenplay with Shaun collaborator Simon Pegg and the Ant-Man project for Marvel Studios. (He’s also got a couple other percolating scripts.) But in the meantime Wright is now set to make what will probably be his biggest movie to date.

Disney has hired Wright to direct Johnny Depp in a big-screen version of The Night Stalker, which was originally a TV movie, then a series, in which reporter Carl Kolchak (Darren McGavin) found himself embroiled in supernatural goings-on as he covered crime stories. Read More »

Johnny Depp‘s fruitful relationship with Disney continues with two new projects, which Depp will be producing with Christi Dembrowski through their company Infinitum Nihil. The first is a feature adaptation of The Night Stalker, a made-for-TV vampire flick from the 1970s, while the other will tell the story of American hero Paul Revere during his famous midnight ride. Both films may yield starring roles for Depp. Read more after the jump.

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