mulan release date delayed

The latest in the seemingly never-ending stream of coronavirus delay news: Disney is delaying the release dates of MulanThe New Mutants, and Antlers all due to fears of the virus. These three titles join a growing list of films being pushed off their release dates, including No Time to DieMy SpyA Quiet Place Part IIThe Lovebirds, and F9.

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new mutants sequel

The New Mutants is finally about to hit theaters (unless the coronavirus changes that), and a long time ago, it was supposed to be the first in a proposed trilogy. That all changed when Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and turned it into 20th Century Studios. Now, New Mutants is likely to be a standalone film – but had the trilogy plan remained intact, a post-credit scene was going to be included featuring Antonio Banderas as villain Emmanuel da Costa.

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‘The New Mutants’ TV Spot Unleashes Magik

new mutants tv spot

Okay, I guess we can all safely assume The New Mutants is finally coming out. The long-delayed X-Men spin-off has a rating, a release date, and now, a new TV spot. The spot below plays up the action and throws in a few groan-worthy quips. But it also features some neat elements, too – like Anya Taylor-Joy‘s Magik brandishing a giant glowing sword. Watch The New Mutants TV spot below.

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New Mutants Reshoots

It’s been a long road for The New Mutants to arrive in movie theaters. Originally intended for release back in April of 2018, the film has been delayed several times since then. Some of the earliest rumors about the film’s delay came from a reported need to do reshoots that would add a new character to the movie, while other reports indicated the reshoots were intended to make the movie scarier. But director Josh Boone has finally spoken up to clear the air, saying that no reshoots were ever completed. Read More »

A Quiet Place 2 rating

The lords and ladies of the mysterious MPAA have emerged from their castle on high to peer down and toss a pair of ratings to two upcoming movies. (I’m pretty sure that’s how the rating system works. Don’t fact check that.) 20th Century Studios’ long-delayed X-Men film The New Mutants and Paramount’s horror sequel A Quiet Place Part II have now both officially received PG-13 ratings, so you scheming youngsters out there can breathe a sigh of relief and scrap your plans to sneak in after buying tickets to Onward. Read More »

new mutants images

Word on the street is that The New Mutants is finally coming out – but we still have our doubts. Can you blame us? We’ve been here before – the film has had its release date shuffled around more times than we can count. And sure, there’s marketing material stating left and right that New Mutants is opening in April. But there was marketing material claiming it was opening on those previous dates, too. Still – the movie’s April 2020 release date hasn’t shifted yet, so I guess we can all relax and assume this time things will be different. To help bolster confidence in this, several new New Mutants images have found their way online, featuring those New Mutants in all their grungy glory.

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new mutants rating

If you were hoping The New Mutants was going to follow the recent trend of R-rated superhero flicks, we have some bad news. According to director Josh Boone, the long-delayed film is cruising for a PG-13 rating – and that was always the plan. The dark, horror-movie vibe the first trailer threw off made several viewers jump to the conclusion that the flick was headed for a more adult rating, but that was never the case. Or so they say.

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new mutants original cut

The strange saga of The New Mutants movie continues! Josh Boone‘s horror-infused X-Men spin-off has been shuffled from one release date to the next, with reports of massive reshoots and other behind-the-scenes tomfoolery rumored. The movie is now set to open this year, and there’s even a new trailer on the way next week. But that’s not all. According to Boone himself, the version that’s finally being released is his original cut.

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new mutants trailer new

Remember The New Mutants? The horror-tinged X-Men spin-off was supposed to open in theaters in 2018, back before Fox became the property of Disney. Since then, the film has shuffled around several times, with many coming to believe the Josh Boone-directed pic would never see the light of day. But maybe, just maybe, those New Mutants will have their day. According to Boone, a new New Mutants trailer is going to drop sometime in January. In addition to that, New Mutants comics artist Bill Sienkiewicz says that the film has Marvel’s “blessing”, indicating that we might finally get to see this damn thing.

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New Mutants Reshoots Update

It’s been 84 years since The New Mutants was supposed to hit theaters. I still remember when the trailer played before showings of Mutiny on the Bounty. Those were simpler times.

In all seriousness, the movie was originally slated to be released in April 0f 2018. But it’s been pushed back little by little since then, with the most recent update putting it in theaters on April 3, 2020. Walt Disney Pictures is still hoping to give the X-Men spin-off from 20th Century Fox a theatrical release instead of dumping it elsewhere, but that will likely depend on how The New Mutants rehoots play out when they finally happen later this year. Read More »