George Clooney is no stranger to criminal activities. With films like Ocean’s Eleven, From Dusk Till Dawn, and Out of Sight, more often than you might remember, he plays a character who steals or kills for a living. Does that make him the perfect person to direct a film on the subject?

Earlier this year, Clooney signed on to star and direct Monuments Men, the true story of art historians who attempted to protect the world’s greatest pieces of art from a thieving Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany. He’s been trying to get the film together (along with another movie) and it seems that Sony has now agreed to split the cost of this one with 20th Century Fox. That should help get the film going sooner, as well the attachment of Cate Blanchett and Bill Murray in unspecified roles. Read more after the jump. Read More »

George Clooney and his writing and producing partner Grant Heslov have an eye for slightly unconventional takes on classic film genres, and for Clooney’s next directorial effort they’re turning to an old standard: the World War II action film. But, in keeping with their general apporach to finding and telling stories, this one is just a bit different.

The Monuments Men is based on a true story about “art historians who landed at Normandy to rescue art looted by Adolf Hitler.” Read More »