The last Mondo poster, created to celebrate Guillermo del Toro’s film Pan’s Labyrinth, sold out in seconds. I expect the same fate for two of the three posters the company will release tomorrow.

Mondo’s Star Trek series continues with images for the 1967 episode Mirror, Mirror, and the 1966 two-parter The Menagerie. The latter is an early landmark in the series, as it uses footage from the rejected pilot episode The Cage, which featured Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike rather than William Shatner as James Kirk.

And as a bonus, the company is selling stock of a poster for David Cronenberg‘s early film Rabid, in which emergency plastic surgery leads to Marilyn Chambers sprouting a stinger with which she preys on others. Oh, the stinger is in her armpit. (Of course.) The poster is a lot less lurid than you might expect for early Cronenberg — it is almost eerie. Check out all three after the break.  Read More »