The Meg Box Office

As the blockbuster summer of 2018 comes to an end, it appears audiences were hungry for Jason Statham and a giant prehistoric shark to give them some last minute thrills.

The Meg surprised box office experts by having a much larger opening weekend than projected. As of Wednesday last week, analysts were predicting The Meg would only rake in about $20 million domestically. But The Meg box office total ended up being over double that, so much that the movie opened larger than some of the more anticipated titles from earlier this year. Read More »

Comics Like The Meg

(Welcome to Comic Book Drive-In, a series where comic and movie fans Jazmine Joyner and Rosie Knight recommend brand new, ongoing, and completed comic book series that tie into classic films and new releases.)

Hello, comic and movie fans! This week, our chosen film is the outrageous monster movie The Meg, which stars Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, and Cliff Curtis, and is the end product of 20 years of development hell! National Treasure’s Jon Turteltaub directs.

Based on Steve Alten’s book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, the movie tells the tale of the legendary prehistoric shark Megalodon re-emerging and getting his feast on. Jason Statham may or may not punch it. So when it comes to picking comic books to read alongside The Meg, we had a ton of options: giant monsters, watery spectacle, fear of the unknown, and so on!

We’ve selected three fantastic comics (one brand new, one ongoing, and one finished) for your perusing pleasure that complement the wild giant shark-infested waters of The Meg! Whether you’re going to read ’em relaxing on the beach or whilst battling a massive monster, we’ve got something to sate your sequential storytelling appetite!

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the meg international trailer

The Meg opens this Friday, and if you’re not even a little bit excited about it, I have to wonder what it is you’re doing with your life. It’s about Jason Statham fighting a giant shark and is directed by the guy who made While You Were Sleeping (1995). How is this not amazing to you?! The movie promises a fun time for fans of water sports and sharp teeth, and while the film and its source novel are heavily influenced by Jaws (1975), they belong to a sub-genre predating Steven Spielberg’s summer classic that we’ll call Giant Animal Attacks – or GAA! for short.

Technically speaking, that could include films as diverse as Godzilla (1954) or Tremors (1990), but in an effort to avoid the usual suspects, I’m going to narrow the field a bit with three simple qualifications if they’re going to be mentioned here. One, they need to be current, real-world animals changed only in size, meaning no fictional monsters or extinct beasts. All due respect to dinosaur classics from The Lost World (1925) to Jurassic Park (1993), but they’re out. (And no, this rule wouldn’t eliminate The Meg as megalodons are definitely 100% still swimming around today.) Two, they need to actually be “giant” in relation to their normal size. Slightly bigger than normal just isn’t good enough, and this leaves me with a few judgment calls to make including having to decide if a Great White shark off Martha’s Vineyard measuring a mere five feet beyond the species’ previously thought maximum length counts as giant. And three, they should be the aggressor. Sorry Mighty Joe Young (1949).

Keep reading for a brief history of this very specific sub-genre along with a highly opinionated look at the most entertaining giant animal attack movies!

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the meg review

In a time when modern summer blockbusters have become predominantly defined by superpowers and spacecrafts, The Meg bites back hard. A gigantic 70-foot shark? White wave crests over glassy exotic waters? Jason Statham facing off against a prehistoric aqua-foe capable of swallowing fishing boats whole? That, my friends, is what summer blockbuster dreams are made of and director Jon Turteltaub reels us in. Not without some lax hitches between 30 Meg-less minutes and soapy dramatic gristle, but when danger’s dorsal fin surfaces, it’s bloody good fun in the sun.

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the meg box office tracking

We’re going to need a bigger box office estimate. Jon Turteltaub‘s big-budget sci-fi horror movie that can essentially be boiled down to “Jason Statham versus a giant shark” has some giant problems of its own: lukewarm box office tracking numbers.

The Meg is tracking to open to roughly $20 million domestically — which barely takes a bite out of the film’s $130 million mega-budget.

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The Meg

A couple of weeks back, I sat down with filmmaker Jon Turteltaub to talk about his new movie, The Meg. In the discussion, we talk about how the filmmaker earned a credit on one of Taika Waititi‘s early films, his ambitions to make a Marvel or Star Wars movie, transitioning into making a horror movie with jump scares, cinematic inspirations for The Meg, the existence of the real Megladon, the possibility of Meg sequels, where to draw the line between logic and fun in a big blockbuster, the possibility of National Treasure 3, and the It’s A Small World movie he’s developing.

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The Meg Reviews

Summer is jam-packed with blockbuster action movies, and while some hope to be taken a little more seriously than others, there are always a couple that stand out as intentionally stupid fun. The Meg is one of those movies.

Described as Jaws on steroids, The Meg brings an event bigger shark to the crowded summer beach. But rather than facing a trio of ill-equipped men who have no idea how to deal with a shark, this time the titular prehistoric creature has to tangle with Jason Statham and a team of scientists. Thankfully, if the early buzz from the first round of press reactions is to be believed, the final product is the kind of dumb, bonkers fun you’ve been hoping to see this summer. Read More »

the meg tv spot

Summer is here in full-force, so it’s time to embrace big, dumb blockbusters. Like The Meg, a movie about Jason Statham fighting a Megalodon shark that just happens to not be extinct, somehow. I’m sure the film will explain this, but really, who cares? We don’t need answers. We just need to see Statham vs. shark. While you wait for The Meg to splash into theaters, watch a new The Meg TV spot below.

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the meg international trailer

The only thing that can save the summer at this point is Jason Statham fighting a big-ass prehistoric shark. Thankfully, a new The Meg international trailer just swam online, bringing with it a ton of new footage.

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The Meg TV Spot

Even if most summer movies turn out to disappoint this year, we can all take solace in knowing that, as the summer winds down, Jason Statham will battle a giant shark in The Meg. A new The Meg TV spot offers up some new footage, and confirms that this movie will probably be very dumb and very entertaining.

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